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Scribing bookcase to wall

I will be building a bookcase in the near future, fairly simple construction (I hope) with 3 shelves. I'm wanting to have this flush up against a wall (as you would), however the wall in question is......
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Storage shelves under stairs

I would like to build some shelves for the cupboard under the stairs. I quite like the layout in the following picture: My cupboard is roughly per diagram below, were I would like to put a 3-layer ...
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Can I hang shelves on a brick wall from the mortar, not the brick? [duplicate]

We're renting a house with exposed brick walls inside, and would like to put up some shelves. The landlord doesn't want us drilling into the brick itself, but he's fine with us drilling into the ...
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Will this plan support my shelf?

I am installing three 81” shelves on a wall in a laundry alcove off a kitchen. The house is 100+ years old with lathe and plaster walls, orange peel surface. Studs are located at 18, 34, 50, and 65 ...
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Closetmaid Shelving

So I bought some used closetmaid shelves and for whatever reason they did not have all the track system pieces. Basically just got the shelves. My question is, can I just use regular brackets to ...
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Are these parts for heavy duty shelves?

The former owner left these in our garage. I am now cleaning up the garage and I found them again Not sure what they are
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