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How to clean/maintain shellacked hardwood floors?

I'm fairly sure* I have shellacked hardwood floors. It has been surprisingly hard to figure out how to best clean/maintain them. For cleaning, the main suggestions I've seen are "use a solvent-...
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Shellac Primer on entire interior of house?

I recently purchased an old house. Due to its age, I don't really know the specifics of the materials used; things like type of paint, composition of drywall, etc. There have also been some animal ...
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Heavier than poly transparent coat for vintage door

I got this door at a local vintage shop and stripped (for the most part) many coats of paint. I first used StripKleen, then Dumond SmartStrip, then sanded. There is a little more removal to do (...
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Did this ceiling have a shellac or primer or normal paint?

From the picture below are you able to tell if the original ceiling paint which is now peeling off had a primer, specifically a shellac primer, was it just a normal paint or no way to tell either way? ...
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Is paint enough or do I need to shellac?

The paint from my ceiling has fallen off due to humidity/no extractor fan being used. The exposed white rings are not leaks etc but salt so I’ve been told by a plumber who inspected it. The smell of ...
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Finish plywood for closet organizer

I am building a closet organizer using plywood. I want to put a clear finish over the plywood to protect it. I am going with either Shellac or Water-based Polyurethane to avoid the nasty smell. I ...
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Finishing hardwood floors with shellac - bad idea?

I am refinishing the hardwood floor in a bedroom. It was originally finished with shellac, and I'm thinking of using shellac again, rather than taking the standard polyurethane route. I'd be using ...
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Spot prime indoors with shellac-base primer?

I need to block some wood knots that bled through the finish of the door trim. The knots have been previously painted with latex paint and acrylic primer/sealer. It took just a month for the knots to ...
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Can I follow shellac with polyurethane (water-based or oil)?

I just finished building kitchen cabinets out of African mahogany. I am ready to finish the project and I would really like to not screw it up. I'm wanting to use an oil-base penetrating stain and ...
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Can I use Zinsser BIN over latex?

My contractor inadvertently painted my plywood subfloor with latex wall paint instead of the Zinsser BIN shellac based primer I bought for it to seal in dog odor. Now what do I do? Should I just ...
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Can you help save re-staining project please

So, I embarked on this re-staining project a while ago and I made certain to Sand, Pre-condition, stain, wait for first coat to try, before applying second coat. Problem is it came out a disaster. I ...
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Dewaxed shellac for knots

I meant to seal the knots on my trim with dewaxed shellac/sealcoat before priming and painting to prevent bleedthrough, but I got ahead of myself and primed already. Will going over the primer with ...
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Is the Zinsser BIN Shellac primer sandable?

We are preparing to prime kitchen cabinets that had past nicotine stains, and want to completely block any future bleed-through of those stains. We hesitate using the Shellac because we aren't sure ...
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