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What is the trade name for this kind of sheet metal cutter?

Is there a common trade name for a sheet metal shear that cuts by removing a strip, so as not to deform/bend the sides of the sheet like tin-snips do? What are these things called:
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Interior shear wall or ugly duckling?

I’d like to put a small 2’ x4’ opening next to the stairs but found what appears to be a shear wall. I’m planning to reinforce it with a framing around the opening but now question this decision in ...
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Can I install diagonal cross bracing with heavy tension ties on each end?

I have an existing utility building built with large (8x8) timbers. There is little, or no, shear strength in the wall diaphragms and it would be very hard to shear them with conventional plywood ...
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Trying to make a 1 or 2 car garage opening through a shear wall [closed]

I thought to open the rear of my garage so I can drive through the garage to my backyard where I can do routine maintenance. The contractor that came out to look at it said the wall is a shear wall ...
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Is this what a broken shear pin on a snowblower looks like?

I have a snowblower and believe I have broken one of the shear pins. In that YouTube video, you can see the first two blades won't budge or spin at all, and neither will the 4th. But the 3rd blade ...
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How would I tighten a screwless kitchen shear?

I have a pair of J. A. Henckels kitchen shears that look exactly like this: The joints are covered with a blue cap on both sides. I sharpened them recently, but they still don't cut well, and I ...
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What is the purpose of this steel pipe lagged to the stud in this dividing wall?

We’re looking to open up a wall that separates the kitchen and living room. The wall doesn’t reach the ceiling, currently has a 3ft doorway. The house is a single story slab on grade located in SoCal. ...
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Is this a shear wall?

I want to remove these two wall faces at the corner here to open up the room & fireplace a bit. I cut a hole in the drywall and found OSB behind it, so now I'm concerned if this is a shear wall or ...
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Shearing a wall smart DYI project?

I'm pretty handy and can follow engineering plans, but wondering whether taking on a sheer wall project is something an advanced DYI'r should take on?
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Where can I get engineering info drafted for a custom header?

We’re building a shop ourselves and keep failing the shear inspection because we don’t have the engineering results to send to the city engineer. He said our wood supplier should be able to draft that ...
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Framers installed shear walls, seismic hardware, and the entire roof with the wrong nails. What now?

I hired a framing crew to frame a new home in Anchorage, Alaska. When they were done I found that most of the nailing on the shear panels and seismic hardware was done incorrectly. Many of the shear ...
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