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What to do with sewage filled crawlspace

A 50 year old, 3” cast iron sewer pipe has been pouring sewage through two quarter-size holes for at least three weeks, possibly as long as 6 months. I’m finding a plumber to replace the cast iron ...
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Intermittent Sewage Smell After Hot Shower [closed]

Our house reeks of sewage after a hot shower. It is much worse in the winter when temperatures are colder than the summer. Our basement is plumbed for a bathroom (since summer of 2020 when we moved in)...
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Attic bathroom smells like sewage... at times

So our house was flipped about 7 years ago and we bought it. In the last two years we've started smelling what we can only describe as raw sewage small occasionally emanating from the (new) attic ...
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Septic Tank backed up into the basement. What now?

We had a flash flood over the weekend which caused the septic tank to overflow, spilling vile sewage water into my parent’s house while they were away. There was about 2 inches of water and most of it ...
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How can I resolve sagging pipes below basement floor?

Recently we started noticing several issues with drainage in our master bathroom/shower, that resulted in overflow into our downstairs kitchen sink. They look to both be on the same plumbing stack. We ...
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Sewage smell from bathroom faucet after replacing

I just replaced the toilet, sink, and faucet in my bathroom and I now smell sewage from the sink. Everything is basically the same, although I had to get a drainpipe extender - still have p-trap ...
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How to repair and clean up from sewage drain leak

Last night I went to store some things in my crawl space and discovered that a joint in the drain line from the sump pump out to the city sewer line had become disconnected (see photo; this is a 2004 ...
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What is the best way to tie into main sewage line when adding ADU with 19 DFUs in California?

I’m adding an ADU in California. Can I connect my sewage from the ADU 18 feet away to the existing line? DFU calculation current sewage from kitchen and bathroom
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May a single sink be safely drained through the vent pipe on a sewage ejector pump? [closed]

I have a new bar sink in my basement. The only remaining jobs are to tie the pex lines into the main water lines and to connect the sink drain to the sewage pump. The part that has me a bit troubled ...
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Mitigating smell from sewage basin

We recently started having a strong smell coming from around our mechanical room. We initially thought it was related to our septic system and had it pumped. The smell still lingered. I opened up the ...
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Can't get plumbing auger past T-junction after 90° angle

I have a clogged outbound sewage pipe below my kitchen sink. Or rather - some distance away from below my kitchen sink. I have a kind of a plumbing auger, but - it's head is a bit wide (maybe 1.5-2cm ...
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Is toilet paper to blame for water from washing machine flooding in basement?

I moved in this old house two months ago. In the basement, some water ousted by the washer flooded out on the basement floor when someone used the washer yesterday. He said the sewage system was ...
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Can I run septic effluent through a series of filters and get clean water out the other end? [closed]

Let's pretend that my leach field suddenly malfunctions ... but we need to continue occupying our house ... so we route the septic tanks effluent through a progressively more aggressive series of 4 or ...
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How to proactively prevent termite infestation

I'm seeing ants boring holes through Tiles and ejecting sand and I'm told ants are first to come then comes the Termite. Outside my building I'm seeing lots of ant colonies where if can lay our feet , ...
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How to prevent stagnant water in Drainage pit from causing diseases

My house has 6 dry wells for collecting waste water from bathroom and kitchen. I'm worried that it could become a breeding ground for Mosquitoes , Bacteria, virus and foul smell. Are there any ...
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Strange smell coming from main sewage pipe in wall

I recently had my kitchen redone and new plumbing done. I am noticing a smell behind the dishwasher where the main sewage pipe is. It’s in the wall but partially comes and connects to other pipes. ...
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Basement Toilet Ejector Pump Shaking/Knocking

In my basement we have a sewage ejector system connected to the basement bathroom plumbing. This was installed by the builder when we purchased a few years ago. A few days ago, about a minute after ...
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