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How can I repair a poor drywall taping job?

For my first-ever drywall taping attempt, I (predictably) messed up. Taped the walls (three coats), then added primer (two coats) and semi-gloss Behr paint (two coats). Reinstalled my lighting and ...
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Do I need to sand my new pressure-treated deck before staining it?

I just got a deck built and pre treated wood was used. Do I need to sand it before I stain it? I live in San Antonio, Texas
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What grit sandpaper should I use between coats of polyurethane?

I'm planning on applying polyurethane to a pine bench I've finished staining. I decided on foam brushes for application, but I wasn't sure what grit sandpaper I should use between coats. Is 400 good ...
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How can I remove tiny dust particles from the air?

As a basic prep step before I painted, I sanded some of my walls. Later, I cleaned the area and swept up any visible dust particles. Now however, a member of my family is having difficulty breathing ...
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How can I plane the edges of plywood?

I'm working on an 8ft x 12ft climbing wall. I have 3/4 inch ACX plywood attached to a frame. Since the frame isn't perfectly square, the plywood overlaps on the edges (up to about 1cm) so I need to ...
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How should I sand before the final coat of polyurethane?

I have applied 3 coats of poly so far. I'd like to smooth out the surface before the final coat. What type of sander should I use: Square Buff Floor Sander , Random Orbit Floor Sander , or just a ...
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Why don't I see more progress when sanding my stair treads?

Doing some DIY around the house, any suggestions would greatly help. I want to refinish my indoor steps and railing(sand and repaint) When i am trying to sand the steps its very hard to sand it, ...
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How can I transition between rooms when refinishing hardwood floors?

I'm planning to rent a sander and refinish the ugly floor that is the darker floor in the photo. I'm also planning to pull up the carpet which has nice hardwood under it in good shape (no refinishing ...
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