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Samsung induction range pot sensor non-functional

Model number NE58H9970WS/AC Issue: Large right front burner will not heat -- displays the code for 'no pot detected'. Condition persists with any pot, with or without contents. All other functions are ...
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Samsung refrigerator- ice maker works true only without container on ice

In the Samsung RS68N8242SL refrigerator, the ice cubes from the ice maker only fall out if the container for ready ice cubes is removed. If we insert a container for cubes, they do not fall into the ...
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LO Error code on Samsung front loading washing machine

My washing machine is displaying the error code "LO" which means there is a locking issue. However I cannot seem to find any instructions on how to solve this issue and my machine won't work....
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How to remove Samsung refrigerator touch screen?

I have a Samsung french door refrigerator (RF28K9380SG). It is displaying a PC Ch error. I'd like to remove the touch screen to check that the connections are good, and possibly replace it. Does ...
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What is the purpose of a water line reservoir on a fridge?

I'm looking at a leaking part from the fridge that came with my house a Samsung RH25H5611SR/AA. The part that's broke is DA81-05886A a $140 part, but only the upper tank is bad. The upper cylinder (...
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Will a Samsung refrigerator door cam marked "L" also fit the right door?

My fridge is model RH25H5611SR/AA. When I search for that model number on, and then search for "cam" I see parts listed but they all have an "L" in their name. I'm ...