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Support post in basement for sagging main level floor

The floor on my main level is sagging and I want to add a post in the basement to correct. The main level floor beam with the sag (shown in red) consists of a 4x12 sistered to a 2x12 and is currently ...
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Garage ceiling is sagging / bowed [closed]

I have a finished ceiling in my garage, which has a second floor bedroom above. Everything is finished as you can see. I noticed this was getting worse because the angle iron brackets shifted and the ...
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Fix Sagging Garage Beam

I have a 1970 built 24x24 workshop with a recessed support beam that is perpendicular to 2x6 24in on center ceiling joists. The support beam is 24 feet long and is built with 2x10's bolted together ...
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Will floor bend/sag over time under the weight of my desk?

For context, I'm a musician. I have a large workstation desk that, when outfitted with all my equipment, clocks in at 219 pounds. (I could probably get that down to maybe 205). The legs/feet are oddly ...
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Fix sag affecting upstairs doorway

Looking at the door, the downward side of the slope is towards the middle of the house. The joists in the ceiling (at least in the basement) run perpendicular. So the direction of sag is left/right ...
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Garage Door already has struts, but is sagging

16 foot wooden garage door, no telling what the door age is. The bottom, middle and top panels already have 2 1/4" (?) struts installed, presumably to correct previous sagging. The bottom panel ...
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Tips for installing jack post below joist

I'm looking for some tips installing a jack post. For some background, I recently purchased a house. The previous owners covered a lot of issue and ended up with a terrible home inspector which didn't ...
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Sagging ceiling post-repair

I had my hvac bust and put a hole below it in my kitchen ceiling from water damage (melting ice buildup from A/C). Had another area nearby that was sagging repaired as well. Hvac is now fixed, ceiling ...
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How do I re-align this patio door?

I've got a patio door was installed 20 years ago, and in that time the house has settled strangely and the door is no longer situated correctly in its frame. The right-hand side is fixed, left-hand ...
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Best flooring type for a sagging/wavy floor?

So my dishwasher had a very small leak that destroyed my laminate, lock in place, wood floor. I took it all up. Turns out there was linoleum underneath that was in fair shape so I've been living with ...
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Floor joists on 2x4 ledger

My floor joists are sagging off of the main beam by 1/2” causing the floor upstairs to be uneven only where the end of the joists meet the beam. The joists are notched and sitting on a 2x4 ledger. ...
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6 answers

How do I know whether a bookcase will rack/sag/twist if hung using butt hinges as a (non-secret) "door"?

I want to take a bookcase and install it as a door, to hold near 100kg max of heavy food items (but probably less than that most of the time). The bookcase itself is 36kg. The bookcase carcass and ...
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How to brace double layer (2x18mm) plywood against bowing/sagging over a 2.2m span?

I currently have a 2.2m desk made from a double layer of 18mm birch plywood - So 36mm in total - That is currently supported by 4 hairpin legs (700mm tall), one on each corner and a set of drawers (...
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