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Getting rid of an old saddle valve

I've been living in my current house for almost a year now, it was built in 1955, so there is a lot of work to be done. During the pre-purchase inspection I was told that a saddle valve in the ...
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What fittings are needed to replace saddle valve with 1/4" compression valve on 3/4" copper line?

I have a 3/4" copper line with with a saddle valve, and I want to do a solid once-only job with sweated fittings - so 3/4" line with a T off-take with a 1/4" ball valve with compression-...
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Any disadvantages of saddle valve for appliance water line?

I want to tap into a 1/2 inch copper pipe for a fridge line. I'm trying to choose between a saddle valve, or cutting the pipe and installing a quarter turn shutoff valve with a quarter inch ...
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How to connect water supply to central humidifier

Upon troubleshooting the central humidifier, I realized that it isn't connected to a water supply line (new property woes). One end of the flexible copper pipe is connected to the humidifier and the ...
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Saddle valve keeps spinning?

I’ll start by saying I know saddle valves are evil, but am trying to avoid replacing it right now. Our fridge has had poor pressure since we moved in. I just found the saddle valve for the water ...
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Missing Refrigerator water line valve

Moved into a 1960s home recently, and had a fridge deliverd. The Lowe's delivery guys were perplexed, but spent about 15 minutes looking for a valve to turn the water on for the fridge, but were ...
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Saddle valve leaks t turn on

Some months after I turned this saddle valve off I turned it back on. It leaked with increasing flow until it was completely turned on. Then it stopped. Is this ok? Is it normal? Or would I be wise ...
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Leaking saddle valve

There is a joint of some sort leaking in one of our cold water lines running above the drop ceiling in the basement. Does anyone know what this joint is called, or why it might be leaking? It's ...
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What can I do about a saddle valve that won't turn on?

First winter my mother is widowed, we can't get the humidifier on. Thought maybe the water to it is turned off. I'm on the phone with her and telling her to turn this saddle valve counter clockwise to ...
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How do I fix a leak at a decommissioned saddle-valve?

Water is dripping, about a drop every other second, out of the end of this thing. what is it? why is it dripping? can I fix it myself?
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Is there an alternative to a self-piercing saddle valve for a humidifier?

I bought and installed a whole home humidifier. The humidifier is located in my attic connected to the air exchanger. The Self-Piercing Saddle Valve is located there as well to draw water to the ...
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