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Shower leaking onto carpet in adjacent bedroom

Carpet in the bedroom that backs up to the 2nd floor shower gets wet. There is no water leaking below the shower or in any other direction. I removed the drywall and there is a liner which was filled ...
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A glue suitable for patching top loading washing machine's rubber seal

I'm looking for a glue/adhesive sealant that would be suitable for patching top loading washing machine's rubber seal (there's a 2cm x 4cm hole). I'm mainly interested in finding glue that would be ...
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What is the proper name for this rubber edging trim for fibreglass?

I have a fibreglass seat pan, and it was damaged. What's the correct name for the edging stuff? I hope that I can find something large enough to cover the road-rash. There's a springy steel-...
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What's the importance of a non marring "rubber"?

I have been looking at nail guns, and noticed that some of them are being advertised with non marring rubber tips and bumpers. Other brands not necessarily have these marketing outlined, but i still ...
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Filling depression in a Flat Roof with Sand and Roofing Rubber?

I have a row house with a "flat roof" meaning it actually has a small grade so that water runs off the back. However, towards the middle of the roof there is a depression that allows an inch ...
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What material can I put along a sharp, thin metal edge?

I have some sharp aluminum sheet metal, about as thin as a sheet of paper. I need to put something on the edge to protect other items from being cut by the edge. This could be a piece of rubber that ...
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How to put adhesive or What adhesive to put on top of tiles?

I have a rest room here, but the door and the room it self doesn't have enough elevation. So, every time we took a shower or even minor bathroom tasks, the water almost always leak like crazy. I know, ...
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Glue for internal rubber seals on uPVC windows

I have some double glazed uPVC casement windows, the interior seal around the sash has come loose in some places. Unlike some other windows, these seals don't clip into the uPVC profile, but are ...
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Can anyone identify this shower door rubber gasket?

Can anyone identify this rubber seal or recommend an alternative? Its old and mildewed and needs replacing
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Where to aquire rubber bushings?

Where can one order unusually-sized rubber bushings? A washing machine uses a 17mm OD, 4mm ID, 10mm length rubber bushing that is not available locally. I am aware of McMaster but once I select any of ...
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I have built my 3rd homemade slot car track from MDF. Stuck on surface paint

I have finished my 3rd homemade slot car track from MDF. I have sealed it properly all the way. My first 2 tracks used a cheap latex paint for the track surface. This was when there was a higher ...
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Improve weatherworn, stained rubber saddle on outdoor playground toy

I installed a rocking horse for our kids. (saved from a neighbour's trash). The black rubber saddle on it looks weathered as can be seen in the photos below. I am looking for a way to make it look ...
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How do I replace an old ladder's anti-scratch strip?

An acquaintance of mine an old aluminum ladder, sort of like this one: The ladder used to have some kind of rubbery strip at the forward edge of its top platform, to prevent it from scratching the ...
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How can I increase the friction on the surface of PVC pipe?

So, I have sort of an odd question - I need a coating (or something) that will increase the friction on a CPVC pipe as much as possible. Specifically, I rigged some CPVC pipe to mount a light from my ...
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Double Glazed Window - missing plastic corner frame insert

Is there any way I can track down this missing piece? It goes at the bottom corner of the window; on the side where the windows meet each other. It fell out of one of my windows. I don't know what the ...
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Plastic fitting cracked in kitchen faucet supply line

The fitting is cracked along its base as you can see in the picture. This is the faucet-end of a quick connect fitting (the other side goes to the spray hose). I'm hoping to not have to replace the ...
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Rubber electrical tape safe under code for attics?

I'm buying a house. The attic had a wire with frayed outer insulation. I negotiated repair of the cable. The seller has responded that the repairperson wrapped the fray with rubber electrical tape (...
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Is it advisable to use EPDM for flooring around the pool?

I am planning to use EPDM flooring around the pool so that it will provide grip and kids won't get hurt when they fall. But few people said that EPDM does not do well around water. Is there something ...
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Woodlouse that already infesting applied plywood floor

I'm building a server room that is using plywood as its flooring, which unfortunately is infested by woodlouse, wood beetle, or some kind. I realize it just after the floor is finished being installed....
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Securing rubber mats to garage floor

I'm renting a house in which I have some gym equipment in the garage. I'm anticipating buying some 3'x4'x3/4" rubber stall mats to protect the floor and deaden noise from dropped weights. I would be ...
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Locating a Weatherstrip for door that is NOT foam and vinyl

I have a standard Kerf weatherstrip for my door. Because it is made of vinyl and foam, my cat can shred it to pieces. Is there another type of weatherstrip (rubber, silicone, etc.) that will be more ...
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How to fix a garbage disposal with rubber caught in it?

I'm missing a small piece of flexible rubber that was approx 0.8" x 0.3" x 0.17". I think it went into the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. After turning off the breakers, and securing my cat ...
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What is this kind of rubber band with low elasticity called?

I am looking for rubber bands that are not too elastic. I remember with LEGO there were rubber bands used as a belt between rotating pieces: They weren't the usual rubber bands that you can stretch ...
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Vacuum belt sliding off of rotator [closed]

I have an upright vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes at the intake. What rotates them is a belt that is rotated by a small rotating divot-looking thing. The belt is always falling off of that divot....
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What kind of paint do I need to paint rubber?

Is there any type of easy-to-apply paint (spray paint, ideally) that would work well for: rubber surface relatively rugged (Context: I need to paint hockey pucks) I know you can get Krylon and the ...
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