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How can I prevent water from getting behind the gutter?

A friend of mine is having a water problem; the water is coming down behind the gutter. It turns out the drip edge isn't covering up the gutter completely on the one side for a considerable length of ...
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How can I tell whether this roofing material is hazardous to tear down?

I've got this little building in my garden that needs to be completely removed to make room for building a real house. To keep costs down, I'll be doing most of the tear-down myself but I'm unsure ...
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What effect will red oxide primer have between a shipping container and a concrete slab over the top?

I have a painted shipping container steel roof in average condition and plan to pour a 3.5 inch concrete slab on top. What effect will using red oxide resistant primer, as used in the tropics, bring ...
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Should plywood be missing on my roof?

I live in Canada and I just had my roof done on my house. I recently went in my attic and found out that some part of the roof is missing plywood :( In the following picture, there is no nails ...
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When is it time to replace the roof?

I've read several some of the guides out there (examples here and here) on this topic. I've found a shingle in the yard a couple times (after heavy wind/rain), and at times I've seen a few granules ...
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How to properly seal/cover an unused chimney?

We recently replaced an ancient chimney-vented boiler with a direct-vented one. This boiler was the only thing using our chimney. The chimney is brick and sits in the center of our 120-year-old house. ...
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How is installing roof sheathing horizontally stronger than vertically?

Prompted by a comment in this answer: What is better for a roof, plywood or OSB? Why is it stronger to install roof sheathing horizontally? Yes, it ties in more rafters, but in what manner is that ...
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Is it normal to see nails coming through the roof decking after a new roof was installed?

Our home was built in 1954, and is a Florida ranch style home. We have about a two-foot overhanging soffit with trusses that show and with tongue and groove under whatever that’s called. Sorry, I don’...
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What advantages do ridge cap shingles have over modified 3-tab shingles?

I'm preparing to re shingle my roof. I'm not sure if I should use ridge cap shingles, or simply cut up 3-tab shingles for the ridge cap. Do ridge cap shingles have any advantages over modified ...
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Should a roof drip edge be placed above or below roofing felt?

I'm confused... I've seen two conflicting sources of information describing how a roof drip edge should be installed. One source (Ask This Old House), states that a drip edge should be placed above ...
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Small amounts of moss on asphalt shingles?

What's the best way to remove moss from asphalt shingles?
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Did I install this roof vent correctly?

I’m installing a roof vent to exhaust a new kitchen cooktop. I put a 6” hole in my roof and fit this painted metal vent between the asphalt shingles. I have sealed around the roof penetration l, under ...
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End caps for standing seam metal roof

I've installed a standing seam metal roof as shown below: Any ideas how I can approach the seam terminations shown above? Here's a top view detail of one standing seam termination, showing where I've ...
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How much R-value do you need to insulate a garage ceiling with exposed 2x6 rafters in Zone 4?

We would like to insulate and drywall the garage ceiling to work on projects in the cold winter and hot summer. (We'll probably install a mini-split or something similar, too.) This question is ...
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Applying paint in hard to reach regions due to roofing sheets

Around two years ago we installed Galvalume sheets for roofing. As you can see in the images below, the trusses were given only epoxy coating. We were told by the roofing contractor that paint over ...
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