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For all questions concerning rodents, including damage they caused, control of and prevention of in and around property and buildings.

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The brick is falling away from the rest of the house, how do I fix this the right way?

I bought this house and I noticed this gap in the wall outside. Looks like the previous owner has tried to fix it in the past with foam and other materials. There's a squirrel coming into the attic ...
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Find mouse entrance in cavity walls

We moved into a newly built house about half a year ago. A few months back we started noticing a (rodent) urine smell coming from a specific point at the floow near an outer wall. We also started ...
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My neighbor has rodent issues which is causing me issues. What can be done from a code enforcement standpoint? [closed]

My neighbor has rodent issues which is causing me issues. What can be done from a code enforcement standpoint? We have now have rodents trying to get into our crawl space. Our pest control servicer ...
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Evicting house mice

I have been in this house about 9 years, I live near the edge of town, with a large lot next to me. Have had a few mice here and there,. This year, I have had a lot. I've been putting out traps and ...
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How can I get rid of rats?

I'm an old man with a problem... OLD home, under repair, and a rat invasion. As anyone in a house over 100 years old knows, you'll have the occasional rodent visit. At the moment, i've a spare room ...
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Can you use weaved type mesh wire or is welded type mesh wire needed for rodent protection?

In another question it was suggested to use 3mm meshsize mesh wire against rodent protection. Is it ok to use weaved type mesh opposed to welded type mesh? Or can rodents push through weaved type mesh?...
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How to close large uneven gap between heater duct and concrete block

There is a heater on the other side of the wall. From that heater a duct goes into crawlspace under the house (pictured below). There is quite a gap, which mice/rats have been using to enter/lease the ...
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Ideas for humanely removing rodents from entering home under this fireplace bumpout in garage

I have a fireplace bumpout into my garage. It sits 5-6 inches above the floor. Mice have chewed a hole through the foamboard at the foundation & gotten inside my walls (& wherever they want!). ...
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How to stop critters from living in my garage soffits? Spray foam?

We have had mice and snakes getting into the soffits of our garage. Over the past 3 years, I have worked to seal off any holes I could find, but a few months later and more critters would show up. At ...
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What looks fiberglass wool below my porch siding

Bought a house in July and put traps in the attic, catched 4 mice in about 2 weeks, 3 I got quickly within a few days, 1 after about 10 days. I found a massive amount of holes in the brick below my ...
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Sealing an inaccessible hole in a masonry foundation

I just discovered I have small holes behind my water tank in a tight closet inside my 2nd floor condo. I was vacuuming around the water tank and something like a thin rope was sticking out of the ...
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Prevent animals from making a den under a shed?

I am building a shed and like most sheds, the floor frame is on blocks, so there is a space of about 10-12 inches under the shed. I know from previous experience that foxes and rodents like to use ...
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Strange holes next to foundation

First time posting here.This morning I was inspecting my house and found these two holes next to the foundation. My friend suggested to insert a stick to see how deep they are. Any ideas or ...
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What could cause sudden failure of outlets?

Suddenly some of the outlets supplying our table lamps quit working. I checked the breaker and it wasn't tripped, but I reset it anyway. Still no power to some of the outlets. So I turned off the ...
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How to prevent squirrels from using electric wire as a runway

Does anyone know of a way to prevent squirrels from running on electric wires? Squirrels are using the electric wire that brings electric into our home as a runway. I see them running both directions,...
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After rat poison/antifreeze...How do i rid my yard of squirrels?

I've crushed rat poison into peanut butter/cracker balls. I've mixed antifreeze with peanut butter/crackers/sugar. Soaked pecan halves in antifreeze...they have chewed through a brand new garbage/...
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I had a circuit fail and trip breakers with no load, what could cause that?

This is going to be a question and answer it myself, just to share. What would cause a freezer in my garage to suddenly start tripping it's breaker? It's a regular breaker not AFCI or GFCI. House ...
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