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What type of rotary hammer bit would work well to drill large holes in granite?

I plan to fence my property with driven metal T-posts (max cross section 1.45”). A section of it goes across a granite rock outcropping. This in the area near Stone Mountain in Georgia. I plan to buy ...
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Can I use construction adhesive on these fake rocks?

Our fireplace has fake rocks made of some kind of foam and mortar. We are installing a mantle, and want to use construction adhesive and bolts to anchor it. What are the “rocks” made of? Will the ...
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How to make a cavity in a stone?

I'm installing a firewood rack outside, and want for one side of it to stand on a large stone we have there. The boulder is irregularly shaped and the metal legs of the rack may slip off -- so I'd ...
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Landscape + drainage along fence line

I am on a corner lot and my backyard receives water runoff from my neighbor behind me and my neighbor beside me. I have a french drain installed where the backyards come together and didn't have much ...
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