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Is there any easy and cost effective way to build inhouse water treatment facility

My apartment produces approx 1800 litre of grey water per day. So I'm thinking may be I could build my own ( DIY ) water treatment facility which will remove the dirt and remove the smell so that I ...
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Started putting ceramic planks in home and got as far as putting the uncoupling membrane. Question, can I pull the membrane up and reuse it elsewhere?

I got screwed. Paid someone to put ceramic tile in mobile home. He put self leveler down but he did not mix it correctly and it did not spread out and level out so the floor is not level and he ...
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Reusing countersink holes

My son was hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom and tore it off the wall. Is it possible to fill and rehang the towl rack in the same place. I could move it down a few inches and hang into new ...
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Reuse Old 4x4 vs New

I was thinking of adding on to my playset and had older 4x4 that are in pretty good condition (no apparent structural issues but a lot of surface cracking). I was going to reuse some of the wood but ...
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