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Is it safe to reuse newer LP siding?

Is it safe (from water intrusion perspective mostly) to reuse newish LP siding? My project is to basically re-sheath, wrap and reside 3 walls. On the largest wall I pulled off this siding which was ...
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Can I reuse bricks from my removed fireplace?

We are removing a 46 year old brick fireplace that has a wall of brick attached to each side of fireplace. The chimney has been removed from roof so fireplace is unusable. It is not a load bearing ...
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Can I use lumber which had been used as concrete forms for house framing?

We are building our first home (36x26) on a tight budget and want to reuse materials where we can while not compromising the integrity of the building. If we use 2x8 boards as the form to set our ...
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What kind of mortar is suitable for cut surfaces of old concrete

We're going to cut up and remove a slab. I figured I might as well (attempt to) cut it into rectangles and use it for landscaping. If I wanted to mortar them together like bricks, what should I use? ...
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Is it acceptable to remove freshly (1 day old) installed porcelain tile and reuse it to correct a bad layout?

With one day of installation work completed I checked the layout and realized it would result in sliver cuts along some of the main walls. This morning I stopped them from continuing work and their ...
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Is there any easy and cost effective way to build inhouse water treatment facility

My apartment produces approx 1800 litre of grey water per day. So I'm thinking may be I could build my own ( DIY ) water treatment facility which will remove the dirt and remove the smell so that I ...
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Heat pump condensation drainage re-use potability or toxicity

I recently had my older style air conditioner replaced with a newer style high-efficiency electric heat pump. Working great so far. One thing that is different is that it apparently extracts quite a ...
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Started putting ceramic planks in home and got as far as putting the uncoupling membrane. Question, can I pull the membrane up and reuse it elsewhere?

I got screwed. Paid someone to put ceramic tile in mobile home. He put self leveler down but he did not mix it correctly and it did not spread out and level out so the floor is not level and he ...
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Best way to remove excess solder from sweat fittings for re-use?

I’m disassembling and reconfiguring part of my hydronic heating system and I want to re-use several high quality 1” brass sweat-connected ball valves that would cost about $30 each to replace. (I have ...
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Is it inadvisable to reuse PVC? (Sch-40 white stuff)

I have some salvaged PVC (Schedule 40) from a run in the irrigation system that I'm rebuilding which is now unused - I'm considering reusing it in the rebuild of the system. Is this foolish? The ...
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Is there a way to remove the top of this barrel?

Will the top of this barrel come off in such a way as to be usable as a lid? It seems to be melted/glued on to be an integral part of the barrel, so I'm guessing the only option is to saw it off. ...
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33 votes
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How to remove nails with heads cut off?

Yes, I know I can go to the big box store and buy lumber. That is not the point of this question. I have some boards that have the nail heads removed, leaving the nail flush with the surface of the ...
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Reusing countersink holes

My son was hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom and tore it off the wall. Is it possible to fill and rehang the towl rack in the same place. I could move it down a few inches and hang into new ...
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Reuse Old 4x4 vs New

I was thinking of adding on to my playset and had older 4x4 that are in pretty good condition (no apparent structural issues but a lot of surface cracking). I was going to reuse some of the wood but ...
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Can I disassemble and re-nail a 2x4 wall with the same lumber?

I just built a 10' load-bearing wall section and realized I made a mistake. I knocked it apart and would like to re-do it, but I'm worried that end-nailing into the studs (where I can't be sure I'm ...
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How do I move a slab of concrete?

I want to build a fence in my backyard by my garbage stand is sitting on a concrete slab and that slab is in the way of where I want to put the fence so I want to move it over a few feet. The slab of ...
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Is it OK to use solid oak flooring on top of a plywood subfloor in my shed?

I have leftover solid oak wood flooring that I'd like to use in my new shed, applied to a plywood base. We live where our winters are mainly rain.
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Can I use demo'ed bricks to make an outdoor firepit?

I have four brick posts that are about four feet high and square (1.5 bricks per side all the way up). They are going. A tree hit two of them and I was probably going to take them out anyway. So I ...
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How do I repaint my kitchen cabinets?

I am doing my first home repainting and I'd like to ask a question. I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets. They are currently painted with a glossy ugly shade of green (don't ask). Moreover, it wasn'...
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