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How Should I Extend This Wiring For a Ceiling Light?

I’m working on replacing a wall light fixture with one in the center ceiling. There is no wiring in the ceiling. It’s an old building and there is another floor above this with no space above the ...
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How can I retrofit these GX24q lights with BR30 led lights?

I bought some Philips Hue retrofit recessed BR30 smart lights to replace my kitchen lights. My current lights are GX24Q bulbs. I know I need to bypass the ballast. Here’s picture of the light kit and ...
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Attic Insulation Retrofit with XPS Foam Board

I have an attic space in my house that has been converted into part of the interior envelope and is now heated. Unfortunately, the rafters making up the ceiling are only 2x6 and contain only R-21 ...
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LED module retrofit into old quad fluorescent not working

I am replacing a bathroom "quad tube" fluorescent recessed ceiling fixture with a Halo recessed downlight LED "module" (RL560WH6940R). This module is the kind that comes with a male edison screw mount ...
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Internal Metal Frames in Vinyl Windows

What is the benefit of an added internal metal frame/core on vinyl windows? We are about to replace our 1965, single pane, full metal jacket, rattle-when-a-helicopter-flies-by windows. Since we want ...
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How to retrofit a slab for protection from frost heave

One structure on our property is built slab on grade. Located in the US in climate zone 6. This is a heated space which we will be removing part of. The removal will expose a lot of the slab to the ...
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How to on this retrofit led recessed light

That's the inside of my can on my recessed lighting but the new retrofit led plug doesn't fit that. What do I have to do in order to retrofit a new led light in that old fixture to avoid me going into ...
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