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Failing Finish on Resurfaced Hardwood Floor Renovation: What's the correct course of action?

Background My wife and I recently purchased a 1250 sq. ft. condo that needed some simple renovations. The first floor is entirely Number 1 Common Red Oak, which had likely last been installed 10-15 ...
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Can you resurface concrete treated with silane siloxane?

Concrete Sealant Manufacturers claim that remove silane siloxane sealer from concrete is very hard to do and not recommended since the product penetrates deeply into concrete and chemically reacts ...
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resurface interior concrete foundation wall

Within the basement, the interior walls, where I have already pressure washed (4400 psi, 0° and 15° tip) after having used a stiff bristle brush and vacuum to first clean, then did etch & cleaner ...
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Outdoor concrete repair/resurface/sealing and painting

We have an outdoor patio at my house which was made of concrete, but I don't think it ever got the finishing coat (it was supposed to be tiled but never happened) nor sealed and it has been there for ...
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How to protect cast iron bathtub after heavy cleaning

We have a cast iron bathtub that had a very heavy iron stain from our city's water supply. The surface was so rough that it was painful to use, I tried cleaning it with a wire brush attached to a ...
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Matching wood stain to paintable plastic

I have stained cedar siding on house. Recently installed new HVAC system with paintable plastic covers on the exterior of house. How do I match the stain on wood to paint on covers?
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Minimum recommended thickness for self-leveling concrete topping (skim coat)

I'd like to resurface an already somewhat level but tarnished concrete floor with a self-leveling cement-based compound and to raise the floor level as little as possible; I've found compounds like ...
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Fixing a Botched Exposed Aggregate Patio

After pouring a new 12'x6' patio (50 60lb bags of Quickcrete 1101) I ran out of time, and the mix had begun setting up before I could get the 3/8" gravel down and floated. Only half the gravel stuck ...
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Aggregate patio resurfacing - what are my best options?

I am looking for options to repair or cover a poorly maintained, exposed aggregate patio. Its approximately 20'x23', with no water issues. After seeking quotes on resurfacing, I've decided isn't in ...
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