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How to remove screws with stripped heads?

I have wood screws whose heads are stripped from trying to remove them with a drill. The drill (or screwdrivers) can't grip the heads anymore. What can i use to remove these screws easily?
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12 answers

How can I remove a really stuck screw?

I often come across screws that just won't budge with a manual screwdriver or even a driver bit in a drill. They are of different screw types and heads in a variety of different materials. What are ...
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4 answers

How do I remove a flush mounted ceiling light fixture dome?

My bedroom has a very nice looking flush mounted ceiling light with a glass dome. However, all the bulbs have gone out and I cannot get the glass out to replace them. I'm 5'4" and standing on the ...
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How to remove/clean black mold?

What is the best way to remove black mold from wood? Specifically, the mold on my back porch is black mold. Is the best option to use something like Kilz over it?
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2 answers

How to remove an old KitchenAid dishwasher?

I am looking for any information that could help with removing a KitchenAid KDC-37 SST dishwasher. It appears to be part of an integrated sink-dishwasher-drainboard unit. The KitchenAid support site ...
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How to remove closet shelf clips and brackets without damaging the wall?

The previous owner of my new house installed ClosetMaid shelves in the closet. I removed the shelves, but had a really hard time with those clips and brackets (pictures attached). Seem like they were ...
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What is attached to this spigot and how to remove

This adapter is attached to an outdoor spigot: It is near the location of a former hot tub so I believe it has something to do with pressure control. When I attach a hose to it and turn it on if the ...
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How should I remove the texture from the ceiling *without* tearing it out?

We want to get rid of the texture on our ceiling. It's a very ugly stipple effect. However, there's a foot and a half of insulation over this ceiling. Knocking it down to install new drywall is not ...
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6 votes
8 answers

How to remove construction adhesive from concrete?

We removed a wooden dance floor that was glued to concrete with liquid nails. How do I remove the liquid nails that is all over the concrete floor? Has anyone had success with heat, mineral spirits ...
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6 answers

un-installing a microwave that does not have any visible top cabinet attachment

I want to uninstall a Hotpoint model RVM1335 over-the-range microwave. I thought I'd take it easy; so, I purchased installation and cart-away. When the Home Depot delivered the replacement, they ...
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2 answers

How can I remove a rusted faucet nut?

Trying to remove my Kitchen Faucet. It's around 10 years old. The last set is to remove the Nut that holds a brass plate to fasten the faucet to the kitchen counter. The problem is, i think the nut ...
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27 votes
4 answers

How do I remove and reinstall baseboards (Skirting Board) without damaging them?

I need to temporarily remove the baseboards in a couple rooms. I am interested in some suggestions for removing the baseboards without damaging them so they can later be reinstalled. Suggestions may ...
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3 answers

How can I remove a plank from the middle of the field?

My attic has tongue and groove planking down as the floor, and I need to do some work up there. I'd like to only remove a couple planks in the middle of the field, rather than pulling up half the ...
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3 answers

How can I remove stuck anti-vandal rings in tap head?

Most of the taps in my new house are fitted with so-called "anti-vandal" screws in the tap heads, as shown in the image. These screw into the tap head to tighten them onto the stem. I can't ...
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5 answers

How do I replace a wooden fence post that was set in concrete?

I need to replace a wooden fence post that was set into concrete. The post has snapped through rot at the base and the rot has set in so far that the post snapped about 2 inches beneath the surface. ...
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6 votes
8 answers

What is the safest way to cut up an old kerosene storage tank?

Folks, I need to remove an old kerosene storage tank (for central heating) from my in-laws back garden. The tank is moulded plastic, and has a 1,000 litre capacity. The access point it was ...
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How can I remove a Mortise Lock and deadbolt from a door?

I got an old door from a junk yard that I'm trying to reuse. The door is going to end up being sliding barn door so I have no use for its existing door knob and lock mechanisms. From what I can tell ...
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2 answers

How do I remove the rest of this lever-style door handle?

I'm trying to remove an old lever-style door handle (with no visible screws) that had a missing latch so was already non-functional. Following online tutorials on how to remove door handles and ...
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2 answers

What power tool is the best and fastest to take up floor tile?

I need to pull up the floor tile in my kitchen. i've tried using a hammer and chisel and the tile pops up easily, but it's too slow. what power tool is the best and fastest to take up floor tile? is ...
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8 answers

How do I remove a ceiling speaker cover?

I have speakers in my ceiling and I need to get the covers off to check the settings. I've tried pulling them with my fingernails and a plastic knife but no luck so far. Any ideas?
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What is the best way to fill in the holes in aluminum siding?

In about 2 weeks I'm doing a little cathartic destruction of a deck on the back of my house. The deck came with the house and has suffered YEARS of neglect, it's beyond repair, built incorrectly, and ...
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2 votes
6 answers

How do I remove or cut a sewer pipe at edge of our basement slab?

What's the best way to remove the unused sewer / storm-drain pipe in the attached picture? It's coming up through the edge of our basement slab where it meets the foundation wall? We want to remove ...
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0 answers

How to remove latex-based tile adhesive

A friend bought a house that has tiles mounted over original tiles and she wants to remove the new tiles to restore/reveal the original ones. The over-layed tiles can be pried off easily enough with ...
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Trouble removing vinyl tile and underlayment from wood flooring

I'm in the middle of remodeling my half bathroom and have run into a sticky situation with the existing flooring. My goal is to remove it and refinish the flooring beneath, much like has been done for ...
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2 answers

How do I remove my old faucet?

I purchased this faucet and it seems like an easy enough installation. The bottom of this new faucet looks like this: Seems like all I have to do is screw something in and it will attach the faucet ...
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How should I relocate my shed?

The property that I bought recently had two sheds. The older one was closer the to the fence and it is already demolished and the other one which is currently blocking our view and it is too big for ...
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Best way to remove textured wall (joint compound)?

What I'm working with: There's a lot to take down. I know skim coating is an option, but I don't think that will work well due to the nature of the texture (it's not knocked down).
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Any thoughts on how to remove this faucet / handle

Hoping to find some help here as I am at a loss. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to remove this fixture. There are no brand marks and I don't know who installed it. The handles don't have any ...
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