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how far can a water pressure regulator be adjusted

I need to adjust water pressure counter clockwise to reduce incoming water pressure to home. My question is, how far can the bolt be adjusted counter clockwise and will the bolt come off if I adjust ...
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What might be causing these noises in my plumbing?

I removed an old water softener that sat for 15+ years and used PEX to reconnect the copper lines. Shortly after that I noticed a sound that has me feeling quite uneasy. You can hear what sounds like ...
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Water Pressure Regulator not regulating after rebuild

I just rebuilt my Zurn Wilkins 600XL 1" pressure regulator, but it still is not controlling the pressure after rebuild. One thing I notice is if I measure the pressure immediately after closing a ...
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Tool to unscrew or remove the top portion of pressure regulating valve buried in ground

The pressure regulating valves are typically installed right by water mains where I live (in Texas). They are buried 1 ft+ deep and a circular tube is installed for you to access the top screw to ...
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How to easily fill a gas can at a modern gas pump?

I have 2.5 and 5 gallon gas cans that I use to fuel engines for various home improvement projects: lawn mower, weed whacker, chainsaw, electrical generator, post auger, pressure washer, etc. I fill up ...
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Can you safely have multiple pneumatic regulators in series to step down the pressure to a desired level?

I'm very new to pneumatics. I have recently acquired a 100psi compressor for use in my home wood workshop and would also like to use it for a small airbrush for painting. The target PSI range for the ...
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Corroded Water Shut Off Bolt/Lever - Is this okay for now?

A couple months ago I noticed our water pressure get weaker when we used more than one appliance in the home. Today I picked up a replacement PRV but when I went to change them out I noticed that the ...
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Is it weird for have a pressure regulator fail after 5 months? [closed]

We've been in our house about 5 years. 5 months ago we had knocking/whistling issues. We called someone and the plumber replaced our pressure regulator (not sure how old it was). Over the last 2 ...
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What do I need to move the gas line and regulator closer to the ceiling?

I want to insert a wall oven in this cabinet and the gas line and gas regulator are in the way. How can I move it closer to the ceiling ? What cable and connector should I get ? Thank you. Quick ...
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How can I connect two propane tanks together with a regulator?

I just bought a park model home and the large propane tank was removed. I bought 2 smaller tanks (30lbs each) and an auto change over regulator with two pigtails to attach to the 2 tanks. What do I ...
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Can I slow an air cooler's fan speed with an additional regulator?

I recently got an air cooler which has a fan speed regulator. Still, the lowest setting gives high airflow. Can I wire it to a fan regulator to limit the air flow without damaging the cooler's ...
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Repair or replace a water pressure regulating valve?

The water pressure inside a property is low. The property obtains water from a municipal water supplier. Staff from the supplier measured the incoming water pressure and reported it was within ...
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What regulator do I need for 500 gallon tank?

Just moved into a new house, the previous owner had a 500-gallon propane tank buried in the backyard. A gas contractor stopped by and said the tank is in full working order, however he doesn't do ...
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water pressure regulator releasing a tiny bit of water

About a month ago i installed new water lines and a water pressure regulator. The supply pressure is ~95psi and the regulator drops it to ~50psi before it continues to the house and workshop in 1.5&...
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Can I use a variable AC transformer to adjust the output of a radiant heater?

During the winter I use a radiant heater under my desk to supplement the house's furnace, something like this:
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Water pressure became a problem - city water

Old house, 1948, city water. I have regulator on main set to 50psi We had a problem when washer runs it's impossible to take shower. But recently (last 3 month or so) it became worse. If you take ...
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