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Water Pressure Regulator not regulating after rebuild

I just rebuilt my Zurn Wilkins 600XL 1" pressure regulator, but it still is not controlling the pressure after rebuild. One thing I notice is if I measure the pressure immediately after closing a ...
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Tool to unscrew or remove the top portion of pressure regulating valve buried in ground

The pressure regulating valves are typically installed right by water mains where I live (in Texas). They are buried 1 ft+ deep and a circular tube is installed for you to access the top screw to ...
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How to easily fill a gas can at a modern gas pump?

I have 2.5 and 5 gallon gas cans that I use to fuel engines for various home improvement projects: lawn mower, weed whacker, chainsaw, electrical generator, post auger, pressure washer, etc. I fill up ...
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Can you safely have multiple pneumatic regulators in series to step down the pressure to a desired level?

I'm very new to pneumatics. I have recently acquired a 100psi compressor for use in my home wood workshop and would also like to use it for a small airbrush for painting. The target PSI range for the ...
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Corroded Water Shut Off Bolt/Lever - Is this okay for now?

A couple months ago I noticed our water pressure get weaker when we used more than one appliance in the home. Today I picked up a replacement PRV but when I went to change them out I noticed that the ...
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Is it weird for have a pressure regulator fail after 5 months? [closed]

We've been in our house about 5 years. 5 months ago we had knocking/whistling issues. We called someone and the plumber replaced our pressure regulator (not sure how old it was). Over the last 2 ...
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What do I need to move the gas line and regulator closer to the ceiling?

I want to insert a wall oven in this cabinet and the gas line and gas regulator are in the way. How can I move it closer to the ceiling ? What cable and connector should I get ? Thank you. Quick ...
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How can I connect two propane tanks together with a regulator?

I just bought a park model home and the large propane tank was removed. I bought 2 smaller tanks (30lbs each) and an auto change over regulator with two pigtails to attach to the 2 tanks. What do I ...
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Can I slow an air cooler's fan speed with an additional regulator?

I recently got an air cooler which has a fan speed regulator. Still, the lowest setting gives high airflow. Can I wire it to a fan regulator to limit the air flow without damaging the cooler's ...
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Repair or replace a water pressure regulating valve?

The water pressure inside a property is low. The property obtains water from a municipal water supplier. Staff from the supplier measured the incoming water pressure and reported it was within ...
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What regulator do I need for 500 gallon tank?

Just moved into a new house, the previous owner had a 500-gallon propane tank buried in the backyard. A gas contractor stopped by and said the tank is in full working order, however he doesn't do ...
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water pressure regulator releasing a tiny bit of water

About a month ago i installed new water lines and a water pressure regulator. The supply pressure is ~95psi and the regulator drops it to ~50psi before it continues to the house and workshop in 1.5&...
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Can I use a variable AC transformer to adjust the output of a radiant heater?

During the winter I use a radiant heater under my desk to supplement the house's furnace, something like this:
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Water pressure became a problem - city water

Old house, 1948, city water. I have regulator on main set to 50psi We had a problem when washer runs it's impossible to take shower. But recently (last 3 month or so) it became worse. If you take ...
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