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What to do with wood shavings and sawdust?

Been doing a lot of woodworking recently and have many bags of sawdust and wood shavings. I haven't the facility to compress them into the pellets I get from my local woodyard which are useful for my ...
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What upholstery materials could be reclaimed for insulation?

That couch my neighbor just threw out has lots of light, fluffy material that superficially seems similar to the light, fluffy stuff behind my drywall. Could it be used similarly? And what about the ...
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Is there any easy and cost effective way to build inhouse water treatment facility

My apartment produces approx 1800 litre of grey water per day. So I'm thinking may be I could build my own ( DIY ) water treatment facility which will remove the dirt and remove the smell so that I ...
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Does code prohibit using salvaged materials in new electrical work?

Does code prohibit using salvaged materials in new electrical work? Can wire, receptacles, switches, wirenuts, boxes, connectors, etc... be reused?
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What Condition Can Concrete Be In And Be Recycled?

I have a basement slab that I'm going to be breaking up and sending to a recycler. Here's what I would like to avoid: The concrete being rejected at the site of recycling The concrete causing some ...
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Is it possible to get sand and gravel back from concrete pieces?

I have concrete pieces 10 cm to 10 cm (C60 recipe with 1 water : 3.3 Portland composite cement : 14.4 gravel 0-16 mm with fibre glass reenforcement) which are not especially designed to remain ...
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Run DC light submerged in water?

I am in the process of making a DC desk lamp out of all salvaged garbage materials. I am going to be using some christmas lights(AC bulbs, but running off DC, I know this works) for the main light but ...
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Can an electric dryer be vented into a garage?

So, I have an unheated garage, but it is insulated. It maintains above freezing due to the contact with the house, but it still gets intolerably cold. I've considered routing my electric dryer out ...
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Should I attempt to save 4" cast iron DWV fittings and pipe?

I'm in the process of ripping out an old cast iron drainage stack that runs clear from the roof to the basement with a few elbows and wyes in the mix. I'm in Portland, Oregon (west coast USA), and my ...
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What is best way to compact styrofoam and discard it?

Every time I install appliances or get something which is breakable, it's covered in styrofoam. Now what is the best/cleanest way to compact and get rid of styrofoam? I've known people who just put ...
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How to make table legs from wooden planks?

I'm making a coffee table out of old pallets. The top part is finished, all it needs now is legs. I want to use only parts from old pallets and I don't want it to become very heavy, so I was thinking ...
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Can used Xmas trees be recycled into particle board? [closed]

Not really a home improvement question per se but somewhat related: Can main trunks of used Xmas trees be recycled into particle board if all the branches were cut off? I mean if you had 100s or ...
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Can I install used carpet that's been removed from another home?

My carpet is about 25 years old now and it's time to go. I know some people rip carpet out of new homes because they're laying down hardwood. Any issues I should be aware of? (I like the idea of ...
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Is is safe to have rainwater recycling tank near the bedroom windows?

Is it safe to sleep near a rainwater recycling tank? Is bacteria can developed and flow into the bedroom when sleeping with the window open?
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How do I clean reclaimed wood from construction?

I'm building a house (brick, cement and concrete) and I have a big pile of wood used for beam and pillar molds. How can I properly clean cement off wood? I think it should be very damaging to blades ...
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Is there any way to replace drill batteries?

We have a great (Porter and Cable) cordless drill but the batteries are no longer commercially available. Amazon has a listing but it's been sold out for the last five years. Do we have any other ...
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How do I remove mortar from bricks so I can re-use them?

I have about 500 bricks to cleanup so I can reuse them, the mortar is old and the bricks are soft clay. What is the best way to remove the mortar and how much time should I allow?
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How can I create inexpensive storage? [closed]

Do you know of any origami techniques or related cheap alternatives to save or store things like socks, kitchen stuff or other small objects without having to buy heavy and expensive furniture?
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What should I do with old furnace filters? [closed]

I seem to be stock piling used furnace filters, are there any uses for these things once the furnace is done with them? It seems a shame to throw them out; given that I change them once a month, ...
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