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For questions about [light] fixtures that are recessed into a building surface, usually a ceiling.

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Can I put a recessed light in a shower?

I am in Montgomery County, Maryland and I had a contractor tell me it's against code to put a recessed light in my shower. The shower is 3' X 3' X 7'1" (3 foot by 3 foot and the height is 7 feet 1 ...
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Do new wire runs in an existing ceiling need to be stapled down?

I've heard some people say that code requires wiring in the wall to be stapled to framing every so often (how often?), but when you are doing a remodel, is that necessary? I have a two story house, ...
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How can I install a recessed light container in an abnormally thick ceiling?

We are in the middle of our home remodeling and we have just noticed that our ceiling seems to be a bit thicker than what the maximum our recessed lights allow for. As shown within the picture link ...
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What to look for when buying recessed lights?

I'm finishing two rooms in my basement (13x10 bedroom, and a 19x8 living area), and I've come to the point where I want to install recessed lights. When shopping for the lights what are the things I ...
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How do I install uninsulated halogen can lights?

I have some halogen can lights that just have a metal shell around them. The instructions say something like they need 3 inches of clearance. What is the best way to install these lights?
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Access wiring of ceiling can light without overhead access

I have first floor old school recessed can lights in my kitchen that I want to replace with LED clip-in wafer lights. I do not want to install the LED retrofits. How do I access the wiring of the can ...
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Is there a good rule of thumb for how many lights you need in a room?

I want to use ceiling recessed wall washers in a 13 ft by 24 ft room. Any advice on light spacing so I don't create dark spots? How far from the wall vs how far apart from each other should they be?
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What exactly is a PAR type LED lamp, how does it differ from R/BR type LED & CFL lamps?

I am in the process of replacing my incandescent bulbs with more efficient alternatives. My home is about 14 years old, I've owned it for a little over three years. It seems most of the bulbs that it "...
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IKEA recessed lights: extreme clearance requirements?

I'm finishing the ceiling on my basement. I'm planning to insulate the ceiling with the Roxul Safe'n'Sound Fire & Soundproofing Insulation. It is 3 inches thick so it only occupies the upper 3 ...
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How can I convert two recessed lights on a single pole switch to two separate lights with light controls?

I have a bedroom with two recessed can lights operating from one wall switch. I would like to add a ceiling fan/light to one of the outlets and convert the other to a track light with its own light ...
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Converting a ceiling recessed light to a wall outlet

So, Round two of this post, I've given up combining two wall outlets to 240v and realized that I need another 120v outlet to safely power everything with an 80% margin. we have GX24Q-1 outlets for ...
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