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Range Hood Fan Blade Wobbling

I have a Broan PM250 which has recently started making noise which upon further investigation appears to be due to the fan blade wobbling and hitting the plastic housing. Does anyone have and advice ...
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Removing Range Hood Bolts / Screws

My range hood isn't working properly. When I turn it on it sounds like it the motor is trying to turn, and I can see the fan spinning very slowly. I removed and cleaned the grease filters, but that ...
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Does the Falmec Rangehood (F3MLD12S1IR1) have a fuse

The Falmec F3MLD12S1IR1 Rangehood suddenly has no lights. There is power at the override switch and the connections there are fine. I downloaded the manuals and they don't mention anything about a ...
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Ducted vent hood installation - taping up open penetrations

I was thinking of installing a ducted range hood in my home but there seems to be a lot of things to watch out for. I was watching this Youtube tutorial and one comment about "covering up open ...
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Polifilm Wrap Stuck in Hood-Vent

The Hood-Vent was accidentally installed with the polifilm protective wrap on each part. There are exposed parts that cannot be pulled out without tearing the wrap because it is jammed in the other ...
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I need a ducted vent hood over my gas range and microwave., t would like to leave my over the range microwave. Can the hood work right this way?

30" LG gas oven; 30" Kitchen Aid microwave. Able to vent the hood through the attic to the outside.
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Newly purchased range hood is supposed to be for 10" ducting, but the transition mount that came with the hood is only 9.5 inches. What should I do?

I recently purchased a range hood that is supposed to work with 10" ducts, but when I measured the transition mount that came with the hood (pictured below), it's actually only 9.5" in ...
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Range hood fan motor electrical breakdown noise

The sound is similar to a "buzz" of a high voltage line or a transformer hum. The volume varies with the fan speed rheostat setting and not the actual motor rpm. (Well, more like the ...
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How to fill gap around range hood vent pipe base

How do you fill a gap between a range hood exhaust and the cabinet? My stove range hood is affixed to the underside of a cabinet, and inside this cabinet is an opening on which rests the base of the ...
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Can the exhaust of a range hood be insulated between the 6in duct and the chimney casing?

I am installing a range hood and I would like to reduce suction and vibration noise as much as possible. Is it possible to insulate the empty compartment between the 6in exhaust duct pipe and the ...
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Kitchen range hood install electrical outlet

I would like to replace my under cabinet kitchen range hood. The old range hood was direct wire, but the new one is plug in. I have a a hot, neutral, and ground wire under the cabinet (to the right of ...
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Convert Range Hood Light Switch to High/Off/Low

I have a simple 120v range hood with two controls: Fan [High/Off/Low] Light [On/Off] I'd like to convert the light switch to [High/Off/Low]. I know I'll need to change the switch from [SPST] to [...
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How alter duct work to fit new range hood?

The old range hood I had was not venting properly. When I removed it you can see that the hole for the vent was cut off center to the left and that my existing duct work does not extend all the way to ...
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What type of cord is this and where can I get it

It says the following on the cord and I believe it goes to the range. (ul) 3 cdrs 6 al. type se style cable style u type xhhw 300V 10 ground
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Range hood impeller slipped on motor shaft

The range hood impeller slipped on motor shaft and is fouling with the plastic housing. How can I pull it up by 3 mm ?
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Where to find the right replacement of this kind of range hood?

I want to replace a rangehood which seems to be a very old model (As seen in the picture). The width is 60cm wide and the height is about 7cm. The problem is in the Sydney, Australia area, I am ...
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Which of these two duct runs would produce better airflow? Drawing Provided

Which of these two options would provide the greatest airflow. Hood fan is a 300CFM Vent-a-hood. 6" flange from the hood. All ducts are 6" I have a major constraint which is a gabled roof ...
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Range hood lights on same switch as under cabinet lights?

We’re planning a kitchen redo, and we’d like to have the lights on the range hood be controlled by the same wall switch that controls the under cabinet lights. We want a standard 36” stainless steel ...
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Range Hood CFMs: Sufficient Air vs Avoiding Make-Up Air

When searching for information about the necessary CFMs for a range hood, has two highly upvoted questions: How many CFM for a range hood do I REALLY need? This is relatively ...
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