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Where to find the right replacement of this kind of range hood?

I want to replace a rangehood which seems to be a very old model (As seen in the picture). The width is 60cm wide and the height is about 7cm. The problem is in the Sydney, Australia area, I am ...
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Which of these two duct runs would produce better airflow? Drawing Provided

Which of these two options would provide the greatest airflow. Hood fan is a 300CFM Vent-a-hood. 6" flange from the hood. All ducts are 6" I have a major constraint which is a gabled roof ...
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Range hood lights on same switch as under cabinet lights?

We’re planning a kitchen redo, and we’d like to have the lights on the range hood be controlled by the same wall switch that controls the under cabinet lights. We want a standard 36” stainless steel ...
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Range Hood CFMs: Sufficient Air vs Avoiding Make-Up Air

When searching for information about the necessary CFMs for a range hood, has two highly upvoted questions: How many CFM for a range hood do I REALLY need? This is relatively ...
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