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How do we determine ramp length and angle required for vehicle access to an elevated surface?

I'm wondering if there's any mathematical or scientific way to determine the car ramp's length and angle provided car's ground clearance and height of garage floor from the road. I'm looking to find ...
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How to deal with a step up to a garage slab

My car garage has a ramp and it has 3-1/2 inches of vertical step from the ramp. My car's ground clearance is 170mm which is 6-1/2 inches. I think my car should get in and out using the ramp without ...
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How to build a shed ramp and account for ground heaving

I live in the Baltimore Maryland area and have recently built a shed on a shed pad that is about 8 inches of 57 stone to promote drainage. I built the shed floor joists using 2x6 pressure treated wood ...
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What's the "right" level for the surface of a concrete pad? At, above or below grade?

Lots of information about how to lay a concrete pad, but nobody seems to address this overtly. We're building a wheelchair ramp, the bottom is to be a concrete landing slab. We are in the northeast ...
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I need to transition from a porch raised 3" to an existing ramp

We had to raise the floor of an outdoor but enclosed porch 3" to match the home's interior floor height. The porch leads to a wheelchair ramp. An attempt was made to create a ramp to a ramp. ...
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What thickness metal for ramp/walkway?

I need to construct an outdoor shallow ramp approx 4m long and 1.5m wide for a 1:12 gradient. I'm considering metal sheeting for the walkway rather than decking but I don't know what thickness of ...
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What is the most cost-efficient design of a 16' temporary wooden ramp?

I need to build a 2'x16' ramp to load a shipping container on a semi trailer. What is the cheapest design of 2x boards and plywood to do this with? EDIT: I have now built this ramp and used it ...
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Would a concrete ramp added to an existing slab be less durable?

To remediate a situation my concrete company caused by changing the layout without consulting me, they propose to add a ramp partially on an existing (though new ~10 days) slab. I'm worried that it ...
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Building a 'Concrete' Ramp, Concrete Mix

I'm trying to build a ramp as shown in the picture below. It will be above a concrete floor connecting to another concrete floor, so I suppose it doesn't have to be very strong as it will not be load ...
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Minimum length for a shed ramp 8" high using 2x12" PT?

I've built a shed which sits on a frame built of 2x4's and those in turn sit on 4x4 runners, and the whole structure sits on a concrete patio. The top of the shed floor sits approximately 8" above ...
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How can I add a wedge to a U-haul ramp to avoid the step down from the truck bed? [closed]

Sometimes, I use U-Haul trucks that have a loading ramp that comes out of a slot in the bed of the truck. The problem is that because it is coming out of the slot, the ramp is about 2 inches below ...
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