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3 answers

How to soundproof a wall between two apartments in a 1950s NYC structure?

I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion about the best way to soundproof my bedroom wall that is adjacent to my neighbor's living room. It is an apartment that I own in a coop building in NYC that ...
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1 answer

How should I store between 30 and 50 sheets of QuietRock ES?

I will spare the details of why I am buying this much QuietRock. For now, let's just assume it makes sense and move on to my question. As I said, I am buying a large quantity of QuietRock ES to ...
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6 votes
2 answers

After I soundproof my bedroom wall with QuietRock, will I need to somehow soundproof the floor?

I am planning to put up a layer of QuietRock on top of existing drywall, potentially with Green Glue between the layers for good measure. I am doing this because the wall in question is against my ...
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