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4 answers

How to make this pulley system more efficient?

I am trying to make a portable pulley system to lift heavy stuff. I made the following prototype using 8 individual pulleys: When I pull the rope, the load should seem approximately 8 times lighter ...
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Do I need a pulley extractor to replace the small drive belt (225-5M) for SnowJoe SJ625E?

First let me say that I called the SnowJoe technical support and they could not help. I am trying to replace the belt that goes around the pulley marked with a red arrow in the below diagram (from ...
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What is the part called that holds the upper pulley on an extension spring garage door?

I have an extension spring garage door that doesn't open and close smoothly, and many times it doesn't complete a cycle before jamming up. I recently discovered why - the stationary pulley is quite ...
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Is there a pulley configuration that can both reduce distance and weight?

I'm trying to find some kind of clever workaround to engineer a solution to the fact that a typical pulley can't reduce both distance and weight. I am designing a counterweight system for a hangar ...
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Will this pulley arrangement keep this kayak level when hoisting?

I am building a kayak hoisting system for my garage, and was originally going to use a standard two-rope system to keep the kayak level when hoisting, but I came across this single rope schematic, and ...
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