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11 votes
6 answers

Has anyone ever used IdeaPaint?

Someone sent me the link to IdeaPaint which appears to be a paint that turns any surface into a whiteboard. It looks pretty appealing, but I was wondering: Whether anyone here has ever used it and if ...
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6 answers

How do cement boards and Kerdi boards for wall tile compare?

I came across an interesting product the other day, and thought it might be perfect for an upcoming project. I'm redoing the tile back splash in my kitchen and was planning on using cement board ...
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5 votes
10 answers

What are the pros/cons of Ondura for roofing?

I came across Ondura in Lowes this morning and had never heard of it. It looks pretty slick. Does anyone have experience with it to share? I found no matches when searching here and was sort of ...
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2 answers

Grout cures too fast in the bucket

I just finished grouting the wall tile in my new-construction bathroom. I made a point of using a high-quality grout product, and went with Laticrete Permacolor Select (with bright white color packets)...
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Do Victor Poison-Free Insect Magnet Traps actually work on spiders?

Victor Poison-Free Insect Traps I trapped a few in an old apartment. But I've had spiders running free in my own room - despite the presence of THREE traps.
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2 votes
4 answers

Are home warranties worth it? [closed]

As someone who is very busy, and not very handy, I like the idea of getting a warranty so that I know that all I have to do is call someone when something breaks, and I know in advance how much it ...
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2 answers

refractometer instead of hydrometer for battery testing?

some one pointed out to me that there is a better and more accurate way, as he says, to measure the specific gravity of my lead-acid battery then the simple hydrometer. he suggested some thing like ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Looking for a WATT-O-METER with specific features

Recently I bought an OWL+USB WATT-O-METER and got very disappointed. Making a long story short, I'm looking for a device that will give me: accurate readings good software for data management a watt-...
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What's the importance of a non marring "rubber"?

I have been looking at nail guns, and noticed that some of them are being advertised with non marring rubber tips and bumpers. Other brands not necessarily have these marketing outlined, but i still ...
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