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Wood that has been treated to resist rot and insects, and thus can be used outdoors. Use in conjunction with questions about the wood and its uses. Please include any relevant project tags as well (such as [fence] or [deck])

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13 votes
10 answers

Should I let pressure treated lumber dry before building with it?

I bought some treated 2x4s from Lowes, and they were fairly wet and heavy. I went ahead and built a firewood rack, but screwing into it releases a lot of water. It got me thinking, is it better to ...
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How can I build a long lasting low maintenance fence?

I'm needing to replace a blown down fence, and have been seeking advice and quotes from fencing contractors. There seem to be two conflicting schools of thought. One contractor advises that using ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How should I paint cedar and pressure-treated pine?

I recently built a fence from white cedar (pickets) and pressure-treated pine (posts and rails). I have been told that I need to wait before painting or staining the fence in order to give the cedar ...
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How deep in ground should I install 4x4 PT fence posts?

I'm installing some 4x4 Pressure Treated 8' Tall Fence Posts for a chicken run. I want to have at least 7' tall fence, and am wondering if the 1' sunken depth is adequate. I have read conflicting ...
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Can uneven ACQ treatment be corrected on decorative objects?

I bought some "pineapple" post caps made of treated pine. When they arrived, I was taken aback to see, rather than an overall greenish tinge, splotches and patches of green. As my plan has been to ...
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new railings - should I use cedar or treated pine?

I'm replacing the railings on a balcony and have a choice between using cedar or a pressure treated pine. The railings will be painted, so will end up looking the same in either case. I'm looking for ...
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