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prehung door does not fit in frame after shimming hinge side of the door

I am installing a prehung door that fits well in the frame, but after shimming in the hinge side of the door (with no shims in the top or latch side of the door), when the door was closed, there was a ...
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Why is my prehung door tight against the head jamb over the hinges?

Using 6' and 2' levels I checked that the floor is level and opening is plumb and level which as far as I can tell they are. I used a laser to line up the hinge side and got the jamb nice and straight....
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Prehung Door Frame's Latch Hole

I purchased some prehung interior doors. Is there a standard way to fill/cover the back of the frame's latch hole? I'd prefer if there wasn't a hole exposing the cavity between the frame and wall.
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How to add brick mould to this?

Learning how-to doors! Old door was inswing that had exterior brickmould built in. New door is an outswing that does not have this feature. How can I add brickmould to this fiberglass door as it sits, ...
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Prehung doors of nonstandard thickness

We live in Canada and are currently renovating our upper floor. I plan to replace all the doors as part of the work. We have door frames made from 2x6 wooden studs, which is not really standard - I ...
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Sliding Swivel Rotating hung panel door

Good day, I would like to hang a wooden door panel and for it to be able to slide and rotate. Can anyone suggest the hardware necessary for this?
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Can I remove prehung door from frame when installing?

I got nice solid core prehung interior door. It seems to have pretty weak frame, though and I see that hinge screws are protruding through it and the door is attached to the frame with nails on ...
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