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Tool to help precision drill 4 holes in a wall?

I need to hang up a mirror and two hangers for cloth. All of them have 4 holes each, so I fear I can't mark and drill the holes exactly in the correct places... So I was wondering if there exist a ...
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4 answers

How do you clean up silicone caulk?

How do you clean up silicone caulk? The product label doesn't have clean up instructions. It is impervious to soap and water (even that orange pumice soap). I didn't have much luck with mineral ...
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Who do I call to approve minor interior structural changes to my house?

I want to knock down an interior wall in my house and make a dropped ceiling flush with the remainder of the room. It should be a fairly straightforward home improvement project that I am quite sure I ...
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How can you rid your house of 'Sick Building Syndrome'?

It's a rite of passage - You and your spouse are expecting, and it's your responsibility to paint the baby's room. But before you do so, make sure that you use only latex/low VOC paint, keep the room ...
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What substances should you avoid contact with your bare hands?

I started thinking about this yesterday because I currently have a weird feeling second skin from the polyurethane adhesive I used to attach my kitchen backsplash on Sunday. I foolishly assumed since ...
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3 answers

How do I get utility lines marked on my property?

In Michigan, there is a service called Miss Dig for identifying buried utility lines. We've just moved from Michigan to New Hampshire, and we would like to know where our utility lines are buried. ...
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What do-it-yourself cautionary tales do you have?

I'm curious what sort of cautionary tales everyone has come across (or experienced themselves). For instance, my dad used to work on live wires all the time — until he was putting a stove in (...