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Questions tagged [powertools]

Power tools are any tool that uses electricity or compressed air to perform a given action. Use with the [tools] tag

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8 answers

When would one use an impact driver versus a regular drill?

Or vice-versa. As best as I can tell, the impact driver is very good for most any type of screw going through wood. When would you use a drill (with screw bit) instead?
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Are there any cordless power tool systems that offer a corded option?

Are there any cordless powertool systems (e.g., drills, drivers) that have a corded battery option (i.e., an adapter that fits where the battery would normally go that can be plugged in)? I've used ...
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13 votes
5 answers

How can I protect my hands when using power tools?

When doing many DIY projects there's a strong need to protect hands against cutting by sharp part edges. Gloves seem a natural solution. However recently I was mounting a countertop and wearing ...
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How do I remove a drill bit that is stuck due to an overtightened chuck?

I recently bought a Bosch PSB 500 RE power drill and already I kinda screwed up the machine. The chuck is keyless, consisting of two parts which I'll refer to as the head and the base. You would ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Does a 2100W angle grinder need an earth pin?

I have recently purchased a Makita 2100W angle grinder. It has just the live (L) and neutral (N) connectors unlike the one I previously used, which had a third protected earth (PE) connection. Would ...
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3 answers

What type of cordless tool battery chemistry should I purchase?

I'm about to buy a cordless tool set in which the tools all operate off the same form-factor battery. The batteries come in several different chemistries and I'm wondering which type is better for ...
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16 answers

How do I get over my fear of using power tools?

Circular saw, jointer and table saw scare the living $#1+ out of me. How do I get rid of the fear? I've watched tons of safety videos and read all manuals cover to cover and still feel wary of using ...
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17 votes
5 answers

How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

Is there any good method of sharpening these things?
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9 votes
2 answers

Can I use an 8" dado blade set in a 10" table saw?

I have a 10" table saw... this is probably a stupid question, but can I use an 8" dado blade set in this saw? Is one only supposed to use 10" blades in a 10-inch saw? I read on some contractor's ...
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3 answers

What tools do I need to make a straight cut in laminated chipboard?

It's 38mm thick. Next week I will need to cut it along a straight line, and I would like the cut to be as straight and clean as possible. What tools do I need to do this ?
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What is a good way to cleanly cut through steel?

What tools can I use to get a clean cut through thin steel? Specifically, I have several mini beer kegs I need to cut the bottoms out of. I don't mind it taking a while, but my cuts are jagged (easy ...
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4 answers

Solar power backup for router

I want to use solar panels to create a power backup for a router(9V, 1A). I'm aware I'll require solar panels and batteries but am not sure how to choose suitable ones. Please help suggest me on ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Can I safely use a straight (Type 1) metal cutoff wheel in angle grinder?

I have a Ridgid angle grinder and a metal cutoff wheel. On page 7 of the manual it states: Use ONLY Type 27 depressed center grinding wheels (such as the one provided with this product). NEVER ...
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Electric power loss over distance

I am working on a project where I install an electric system by my property entrance, than I have to run a wire about at least 700 feet. I do want to deliver 240VAC and I know that voltage drop is a ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do I remove this keyed Jacobs drill chuck?

I have an old Jacobs keyed drill chuck in my box-o-spares, and I need a drill chuck for my hobby lathe. I have a suitable tailstock arbour, but the drill chuck has something already installed, and I ...
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1 answer

What router bearing can I use to reduce groove depth?

I order this 3/32 slotting bit from Amazon. Shank size 1/4, depth of cut up to 9/16. I only need 3/8 depth (slightly over is ok), but I could not find the right bearing. There are router bearing sets ...
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Can you get an "optionally cordless" or "hybrid" drill? [closed]

I'm looking to buy a new drill, but all of them seem to be corded or cordless. Are there drills that can either run cordless, or off the mains, depending on whether it's plugged in? It seems that ...
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How to slightly enlarge a worktop hole for replacement kitchen sink

The task I am replacing my kitchen sink. The existing sink sits in a rectangular hole (with rounded corners) in the kitchen worktop. The worktop is about 1½" (40mm) thick and is made of some kind of ...
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How can I tell if a drill clutch has been damaged?

I have a pretty new, pretty nice Dewalt cordless drill (DCD791). I haven't used it much, but today my wife needed help drilling a giant auger into the ground to make holes for plants. There were lots ...
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Rotary hammers, how many joules to hammer through concrete slab?

I'm in need to buy a rotary hammer to make some holes in a slab about 12 cm thick of armed concrete. The holes will be between 5 and 10 cm in diameter, so I will have to hammer a round opening instead ...
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Can a simple cordless screwdriver have neither a clutch nor a variable speed?

For some time now my corded 3/8″ drill doubled as a screwdriver when I had too many screws ahead of me. This works just fine. I just needed to stop before a screw was seated, and used a manual ...
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