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Why do we lose power when it is slightly cool in a hot region?

I spend part of the winter in a condo in Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is a subtropical area, with normal daytime high temperatures in the upper twenties to low thirties celsius, and nighttime ...
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Partial power out when AC is on

Anytime our AC is on we lose power in a few rooms mostly the kitchen. It can be on a few days before it goes out. I’ve had 2 electricians come they both said electric panel looks great , we did ...
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Can I use power supply intended for LED to power CCTV cameras

I have 8 WiFi CCTV and for all, power lines converge at the same spot in the house. Instead of using 8 adapters (12v-12w) that came with, can I hook them to 12v-120w ps unit which I originally bought ...
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What to consider when choosing a location for a LED strip power supply?

I'm renovating a bit again and in one place I want to provide lighting via a LED strip mounted at the ceiling corner. That will be 3m of LED strips, and I'd like the place to be well lit, so I'm ...
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Wiring a Lorenzetti shower heater

the shower unit reads: 220v-5500 30A 4mm2/10AWG . The present wire installation is 30A breaker with #10 wire for about 30 feet, connected to #12 wire for another 6’ to the shower head. Can I use this ...
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Replacing main electircal to house and fixing an old mess

I am changing the main electrical lead to going from roof to buried. The pole with the meter has a main panel with 3 breakers (100a to house, 40a to pump house, 40a to barn). I wish to upgrade the ...
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