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Notification lamp shuts off if any one of 3 phase supply is lost

I have a 3 phase well pump that I would like to wire up a 120 volt indicator lamp that if any one of the 3 phases that feed the pumps shut down then my lamp will then shut off so I can tell from a ...
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Can I install an Ammeter in the cover of a junction box?

I want to install an ammeter such as this: to monitor my generator. The idea would be to put a junction box in between the generator inlet and the interlock on my ...
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Power consumption of GFCI+CAFCI combo breaker (Siemens Q115DFN)

Has anyone measured the power consumption of this breaker or a similar one? on the internet one can find horror stories of 1W+ for such breakers but no quantitative data. Data sheet does not mention ...
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Powering up Video Intercom and magnetic lock with single POE cable [closed]

I have the following setup, Video Intercom powered by POE. I need to power my magnetic lock with 12V. I have a "solution" but don't really want to use it which is Split the cable since POE ...
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Power measuring device for 400 amp service to determine peak usage [closed]

I am trying to figure out peak usage for a building with ~60 units. The main service is 400 amps and then splits off to individual meters. The utility can only give me one of the meters usage. I'd ...
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