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What is the right way to mount a support column to a deck and to a header?

Situation: I have an existing deck with a roof overhang. I'm in the process of planning a rebuild and need to detail how the columns will A: attach to the existing roof and B: to the deck. I can find ...
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Will a fire pit damage my patio's ceiling?

I just got a portable fire pit and some new furniture for my back porch. The fire pit is 3' in diameter, and the porch is 10'×10', with a 9' ceiling. It would be nice to be able to have a small ...
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How do I attach a wooden post to existing concrete steps?

Background At the front of my house I have concrete steps leading up to the porch. Having just rebuilt the porch, I've discovered that they are actually concrete veneer over brick. It appears that the ...
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Advice for improving structural integrity of enclosed porch

I've recently purchased a home. Home inspector said nothing about the back porch. As I watch more youtube videos on framing and general home improvement, I look at my enclosed porch and think there ...
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How should I connect two beams to a post at a corner?

I'm constructing a 15'x20' screened porch. I've completed work up to the footings, posts, ledger, and joists. I'm now ready to install 4x4 posts around the perimeter which will hold 2x4 bottom plate, ...
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