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2 answers

Info about this old riveting gun from West Germany? [closed]

Found a cute hand tool in a shed. Reverse image search suggests it's a riveting gun. One side says "Intern(i)et W. Germany", the other says "NZ-3". I'm not usually into riveting, ...
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2 answers

How to remove sheared pop rivet?

A screen door hinge was pinned with a pop rivet. The rivet have sheared: I would like to rivet stubs embedded in the aluminum frame: There is a second hole in the hinge and I supposed there is ...
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1 answer

Rivet gun not gripping rivet again on 2nd pull?

I'm using a (brand-new) hand rivet gun to re-attach 2 plastic pieces of a car bumper (there were rivets here previously). The first rivet went in perfectly. But since then the rivet gun seems to push ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to flatten Pop Rivets on the back side?

Pop Rivets and similar blind rivets are great for use where only one side is accessible, but where the back-side shows, the rivet head is not flush with the surface, just bulging out a bit from the ...
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