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How to get tar and caulking off brick?

What's the best method for removing dried tar and caulking from brick and getting the brick's surface flat again? I have a rotary polisher and thought maybe a disc of some kind would work.
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How can I make my glossy tile shine again?

I have this floor in the entry foyer of my home. You can see there's a small portion (near the top of the photo) that is shiny, but most of it is dull and scuffed (like in the rest of the photo). How ...
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Stairs railing restoration

I have noticed that some of my stair railing coating has been chipping off, clearly due to wear and tear uses. I have an elderly person living in the house and has to hold the railing right to use ...
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Bench Grinder Wheel configuration

I recently went shopping to replace a cheap electric bench grinder that came with my property gave up the ghost. I noticed that all the bench grinders I looked at have 2 sharpening wheels. I have ...
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How should I restore these cames in leadlight window?

I would like to restore the cames in these windows. I am unsure which metal they are made from. How do I go about this? This is a picture from the outside which has been exposed to the weather (...
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Mosaic floor polishing- What to use

I have a mosaic floor which caught mold from rotten food some time ago. Here is the floor which is ok (with and without flash). And here is the damaged floor after the "polishing". I tried to do with ...
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Before Staining... Do I need to sand my deck first? Or just chemical wash/pressure washer?

We've been living in our new place for a few months now and now that we are more settled... I want to stay on top of maintaining the outdoor deck. But, I am unsure what's the material used for the ...
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How to polish porcelain?

Used a dremel to clean up a broken edge on a porcelain piece. The grinding wheel was pretty rough, what should I use to smooth it out? Also, any way to get it super smooth and polished like the rest ...
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What Solutions are Available for Marble Floor Etching / Corrosion

Below is a picture of what some of the tiles that have corroded over the past 25 years of use, look like in the our house. I read this QA post, however, am not comfortable with the solutions provided,...
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How can I remove these stainless steel scratches?

I'm trying to fix a repair gone awry. I noticed some scratches on my stainless steel range of unknown origin. Things like cookware never touch that part of the stove, and I never use abrasive cleaners ...
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How can I make my concrete countertop smoother?

I think I used the wrong concrete mix. It had rocks in it so when I tried to get it level, but I really struggled. I then went and bought some self leveling cement to try to balance everything out. ...
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