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Recessed iPad in wall with PoE (Power/Data) and audio out

I built my shower with speakers embedded in the walls. I now want to add a recessed iPad which will connect to the speakers via audio output and I want to provide data/power to the iPad via PoE. ...
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How do I protect outdoor CAT6 PoE from rain?

I'm using outdoor Ethernet cable outside to connect security cameras and I'm worried about rain exposure, especially with PoE. I've got a short (8") Ethernet line coming off of each camera with a ...
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How can an ethernet cable from a POE doorbell be embedded in the side frame of the door?

I have a POE doorbell with a CAT6 cable coming from the attic. How can I create a vertical straight channel on the side of the door to embed the cable? I have a trim router, but it is too deep to ...
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Powering up Video Intercom and magnetic lock with single POE cable [closed]

I have the following setup, Video Intercom powered by POE. I need to power my magnetic lock with 12V. I have a "solution" but don't really want to use it which is Split the cable since POE ...
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Should all channels on a PoE switch have the same timestamp? [closed]

A follow-up to my question. At this point it appears that I did not crimp the connectors correctly. After the connectors were crimped properly, the cameras were detected and (still under testing) did ...
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Why does the PoE camera connection drop intermittently?

This is a follow-up to my earlier question The camera is now detected. The cable run is 120ft; this will go up to somewhere between 145 & 150ft after I put in PVC power conduits and bury it ...
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