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Thermostat above or under light switch?

Currently, my thermostat is in the dining room, right at the entrance to the hallway. But exactly there I would like to install a light switch for the hallway. The thermostat is the same height as the ...
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Can light switch boxes be mounted one over the other

Does electrical code (Leon County, FL) allow light switch boxes to be mounted over one another? I want to move a light switch. Ideally the new location would be directly behind another switch in the ...
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Placement of indoor minisplit unit

I am about to have a Mitsubishi minisplit installed. In case it matters, the installation will be on an interior wall; on the other side of that wall is a closet with a sump pump which we will use ...
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How to best position a dehumidifier

Want to ask about the best orientation for a portable dehumidifier to allow cloths to dry the quickest. Take this top down drawing of a portable dehumidifier as an example: Air inlets are at the two ...
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How to stack a portable countertop / tabletop Dishwasher on top of a front load washing machine?

I have limited space because all the cabinets were already setup long back. A Bosch front load washing machine (60cm (d) x 60cm (b) x 85 cm (h) is placed in this space. There is a gap of 60.5 cm from ...
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Kitchen Disposal placement [closed]

I have a double sink with equal size basins. Which side should the garbage disposal go on? The dishwasher is on the right.
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Proper placement of thermostat [closed]

I am building a new home and the question of where the thermostat for the upstairs should go has risen. It was originally wired to be place in my daughter's bedroom but I had requested that it be ...
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What is best place to place TV unit in the living room so that it will comfortable to the view? [closed]

The image has two options for walls marked as 1 and 2? I have 40 inch led 1080 p TV.
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Move around table with attached legs

I have a table that has the legs drill-attached to the surface. The surface and the whole table is quite heavy. What is the best way to move the table around a room if 1) it is not very easy to lift ...
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subpanel location - proximity to in-wall heater and other junctions

We have a subpanel in the upstairs hallway. Other side of wall is bedroom. We need to install an in-wall heater (cadet), outlet, and wall light in the bedroom on that same wall. I know about the 30" ...
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How can we move a subpanel without replacing the supply cable?

We recently installed a subpanel, installed it ourselves and had it inspected. Now, as part of the ongoing renovation of the house, we have decided we need to move the panel over 22 inches. The 6 awg ...
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Should carbon monoxide detectors be installed in rooms containing gas appliances?

This might be 2 questions so I can separate it into two if needed. I want to put a CO detector in two places of my home (kitchen and garage). However, the instructions that came with the CO detector ...
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asphalt shingles ridge nail placement

Where are the nails suppose to go on the asphalt shingles on the ridge of the roof? Below/On/Above the tar line? What have you personally see people do? So I take my 3 tab asphalt shingle and cut ...
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Two A/C units are close to each other and turning one on turns the other on. How to fix?

I had an Air Con unit installed in the Living Room and another in a bedroom adjacent to the Living Room, both from the same brand. The Air Con units are actually next to each other, and only ...
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Which side of a sink should I install a garbage disposal in?

I am about to purchase a garbage disposal to install myself. Our kitchen sink has a large, deep side, and a small, shallower side. Which side is more appropriate to install the disposal in?
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Should I relocate the HVAC unit in my attic?

I have had a couple of estimates to replace our HVAC system and one contractor says he would relocate the system to a more central location in the attic. One says there is no need to relocate. There ...
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