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1 vote
3 answers

Which screws to hang pegboard to studs in a garage?

extreme noob here. I bought some pegboard 48" x 24" which I want to hang landscape across 16" gap studs in my garage (exposed). The pegboard is 1/4 thick tempered (Tempered hardwood 1/4 ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can I safely hang pegboard between studs, rather than across them?

I want to hang pegboard in my shed, which has exposed wooden studs (2x4). Most instructions for hanging pegboard say to screw them to the outward facing side of the studs (the 1.5" side) to span ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which is the right screws to use to mount ikea pegboard to studs for heavy weights with noob skills?

I am super confused and overwhelmed with the amount of research I have done so pardon the post that may seem like a duplicate but I need help in specifically this context. Problem Statement : I want ...
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1 answer

Coating a Perforated Hard board for use as Pegboard above a desk?

I'm currently not in the US sonny options may be limited. I was hoping to find a white surfaced perforated board that could be used as a peg board above a home/ office desk for organising things in ...
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Mounting home networking gear on pegboard [closed]

I've got a panel of pegboard in a closet that I'd like to use to mount my router, cable modem and other similar gear. Are there accessories that either screw into the holes themselves, or are small ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How to Make Freestanding Pegboard Walls?

I was just over at a place called "Value IT" which used to be called "Value City", and the owners were really creative; they dropped the "C" and the "Y: from the sign to rename the store without ...
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