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3 answers

Removing soldered valve

I’m trying to replace my pedestal sink with a newer sink. While trying to disconnect the water line to the sink, I noticed that the valve stem is soldered into the valve itself. Also, the stem is not ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to tighten this nut underneath my pedestal sink?

I replaced a sink stopper assembly in a bathroom in my house because the stopper didn't work anymore and was clogged up. The previous one was a plastic body and I thought that I should replace with ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can't remove this piece of faucet

I've spent all afternoon trying to uninstall this faucet, and I'm nearly done except for this last part. This widespread faucet has been a pain in the neck to remove. The spout and left side handle I ...
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Wall-Mount Pedestal Sink — Tips when Tile is In the Way?

Like this question, I have a 'Signature Hardware' pedestal sink to install, which does not come with a bracket. They expect you to use "lag bolts" into the wall. I have access to a Kohler ...
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