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What is the best method to patch a large hole (2-3 inches) in drywall?

I have a large hole where a TV wall mount once was (I believe the hole was used to run power and coax cable to the TV). I have since moved the TV and would like to patch the hole. What is the best way ...
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what is my risk of asbestos exposure due to a previous drywall work?

A few years ago my parents did some work on an interior drywall in our house (built in 1987) [US]. Now I wonder if I might've been exposed to asbestos and I'm freaking out. On the bright side, I was ...
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How to texture match this 1987 drywall ceiling?

Home was built in Houston metro area in 1987. I replaced drywall in ceiling and haven't seen any examples of this specific ceiling texture. Other homes in the neighborhood also have it. I need to ...
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How do I mount this towel rack that was ripped off the wall?

Hi one of my tenants sent me a pictures of my broken towel rack. What would be the most cost effective fix?
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How to match this wall texture

I'm having trouble matching this drywall texture: Would appreciate help on this. Thanks!
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How to patch long strip on drywall?

My room had a chair rail which I stripped out. It was glued and left a long strip on the drywall. The strip is just paper and I am not sure how to patch them ... Also, there are some glue left on the ...
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Is tape applied to drywall right after mud is applied or after it has dried?

I patched some foot square holes in the wall and would like to know when paper tape is applied: right after mud is applied after it has dried and is sanded with drywall patching.
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How do I remove the mounting hardware of an intercom speaker, and then patch the hole?

I am looking to remove an old intercom speaker from my bedroom wall and patch over the hole. I removed the speaker to find a metal mount in the wall attached between two studs. More pictures here ...
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How can I fix this drywall crack and prevent it from happening again?

We added some framing and put a piece of sheetrock to make a "pillar" between 2 open doorways a little bigger. Of course, I did not consider that the drywall seam was placed where 2 separate ...
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My new drywall patch is thinner than the old one? Why?

I purchased two large sheets of drywall for my garage ceiling and to patch some large holes on the wall. I installed wood strips to support the drywall patch. Everything went smoothly until I test ...
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