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help identifying composite decking brand

I'm repairing an existing composite deck. Most of the parts are composite sleeves over wood and the wood has basically all rotted away inside the sleeves. Some of the parts have cracked due to the ...
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Mystery threading on broken compressor output valve

I have this compressor valve which dates from 2009. It got screwed on too hard and finally split. I'm looking to replace it either by another such valve or just an adapter to 1/4" NPT. I'm just ...
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Determine specs / part info for AC contactor?

I recently asked a question about my AC unit not working properly, and I determined it's a faulty contactor. However, I cannot figure out what replacement contactor to get. The unit is 30 years old, ...
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What is the purpose of this metal piece on my closet door and is it OK to remove it?

I have a wide closet with two segmented doors and there's a mating pair of these things screwed onto the edges. (Mating pair as in the other one has the part that sticks out on the bottom instead of ...
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What kind of lightbulb is pictured here, having a clear bulb window and 4 yellow vertical rods?

I have a weird issue where different types of light bulbs are triggering some kinds of visual issues. I found this lightbulb to be perfect. However, when I unscrewed it to read the label, it fell on ...
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