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Paneling is typically the face of furniture, walls or cabinets. For questions about electrical panels, use [electrical-panel]

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Hanging objects on wood panel mantle

I have a house built in 1957 and in the living room is a fireplace with wood paneling mantle. This is my first home and am not sure what is behind the wood paneling and what it can support. I'd like ...
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Air register solution for this spot in the kitchen paneling?

We have this spot under our kitchen sink where there's a spot for the HVAC system to push air into the kitchen. The black item to the far left is our dishwasher. I believe these are IKEA kitchen ...
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Paneling over half tiles

Planning to install solid core wet wall panels/tiles like these because installing shower over bath: They are 38cm L x 65cm W each and tongue and grooved. However the house I purchased has some rows ...
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Is furring strip needed with a vertical Shiplap wall when installed over blocking in wall frame?

My task is to install a vertical Shiplap wall. I removed the drywall down to the exposed stud wall. I’ve then added blocking between the studs every 24” from floor to ceiling. I’ll put new drywall ...
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How can I fix damaged exterior plywood siding?

I'm replacing a cat door with a smaller one, the old one was glued to the exterior paneling, so when I pulled it off, it pulled a bit of the panel as well. Once, I get the new cat door in and fill the ...
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Can I fill knotty pine grooves with wood putty and a putty knife? [closed]

We have old school 3/4 knotty pine in our basement. Before painting I want to fill in the deep grooves and seams. I’ve seen caulk recommended but that is a lot of caulk. Is there any issue with me ...
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How do I fill the gap between paneling and coving?

I've put up some coving before I did some paneling on one wall. The paneling is level as I used a laser level however the coving was stuck to the wall & ceiling without a level. The gap between ...
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How can I restore worn and damaged 1950s tongue and groove wood paneling?

This house was built in the 1950s. The wood is tongue and groove (thank you @Ecnerwal) and appears to be the only wall material--there is no drywall under it. I can tell because some of the knots of ...
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Are the battens on mobile home/modular homes necessary?

We're buying a piece of property that has a mobile/modular home on it that's going to need quite a lot of work. The walls in the home still have the batts/battens, which we plan to remove. Do they ...
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Exterior siding rot

Can anyone please tell me what this type out outdoor siding is called. It looks like wood but it’s not. We need to replace portions of it. Thank you!
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Finding Studs Behind Wood Paneling + Lath and Plaster

I have a house that was built in 1924 and the original wall finish is lath and plaster. At some point, the entire home was refinished with 1/4" faux wood paneling. I'm having a difficult time ...
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Fastening material for panelling an old plaster wall

I have a 100-year-old garage made of yellow bricks and with plastered walls inside. The paint and the plaster on the walls are chipping due to humidity and age. A part of the walls has been covered ...
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Pre-paint panels before installation?

I am interested in replacing wood panels with Hardie Board. The panels need to be painted to match the existing structure. In this video: it seems that a ...
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Should Douglas Fir of grade Clear D have tearout, pits, and a lot of roller burn?

We bought some 1x6 Douglas Fir tongue and groove paneling recently to use as the ceiling of a timber frame house we're building. When we dug into it we were dismayed to find that most of it had ...
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Why has my wood panelling in my shed expanded and popped out? How can I fix it?

Last summer we bought a shed and panelled inside with tongue and groove panelling. We put up damp proof and insulation first and then the panels on top. We used panel pins on every third board. Over ...
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How to stop paneling cracks around air vent

I bought an older home which has some wood paneling that I've been caulking, Spackling, and painting. I've recently had some issues however with an area of the paneling where it was cut to install an ...
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Covering lead-painted wood paneling with seamless transition to drywall (1/8'')

After removing old wainscoting we discovered a second layer of wood paneling that is between 22'' and 36'' high (depending on location) and slightly set back from the drywall above. The drywall ...
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Can I remove this paneling from behind the wall?

I am attempting to run wire up a wall and hit an interesting problem behind the drywall. Behind the drywall is what appears to be inch thick wood paneling. Apologies for the rotation, will fix. ...
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Would board and batten walls require drywall taping?

I have a room that has some wood paneling in it that we are going to have to replace, as it is old and has a missing section that is hidden by a cabinet we want to remove. I am considering doing ...
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How to hang stuff on wood paneling

Our house, built in 1951, has one room paneled in wood: When we bought the place, the home inspector opined that this was original to the house, and not the cheap 1970s stuff. Moreover, the house is ...
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Simple fix suggestions needed for damaged plywood paneling

In our laundry room a pet rabbit damaged the paneling in several places: There are no replacement panels available that I could find. I don't want to tear out and replace all the walls. Things I'...
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is this due to termites? any idea what's causing the wood to turn to sawdust?

Pics below. I had this gouge on some wood paneling. The area inside the gouge seemed to be crumbling, and there was always a pool of sawdust below it. I covered it up with some caulk (brown caulk). ...
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Finding studs behind 1" wood paneling?

I'm trying to mount a TV in our Edwardian (1906) building. The living room walls are (starting from the floor) 8" of solid wood molding, 7' of board-and-batten, 1' of plaster-and-lathe, and a box ...
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What to do after wood paneling is removed?

So I have recently moved into a (new to us) home built in 1948. There was a master bedroom addition that is on the backside of the living room wall which was once exterior and the kitchen wall also ...
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What trade handles old wood paneling?

Our late-60s ranch came with a 10x20 wall of fabulous wood paneling. It's not the junk with grooves, but real-deal, full-slab wood paneling (painted). Unfortunately, it warps a lot with typical ...
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