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A P-trap is an elbow inside a drain that is designed to hold water to prevent sewer gases from making it back up the sink. The trap then empties into the drain line at the wall, perpendicular to the sink drain (looking like the letter "P" turned face down). Use with the [plumbing] and [drain] tags

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Is my p-trap installed correctly?

I just moved into a new house and am having a problem where the sink takes longer than normal to drain. Also, while using the shower, there is a gurgling from the sink. I tried some drain cleaner, but ...
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How long must the horizontal run be to make an S-trap a P-trap?

In this fantastic bit of MS Paint artistry, I've shown an S-trap and a P-trap. In my humble opinion, the only difference between them is the horizontal run between the top of the upflowing bit of pipe ...
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How can I get the sink trap to clear the drawer under my bathroom sink?

Is there a better solution to a P-Trap? We have installed a new vanity only to find that the drawer contacts the p-trap. The vanity has 3 drawers. The top one is built in a "u-shape" and ...
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Can the garbage disposal outlet be lower than the building drain inlet? [duplicate]

As shown in the diagram below, my kitchen sink garbage disposal has an outlet (#1 on diagram) which is about about half an inch lower than the inlet for the building drain pipe (#4 on diagram). Is ...
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Why is this Ptrap installed in this location?

Here is a recent installation done to my home I took this one before i drained the water: Note that this a p-trap that is installed at the external wall of my house. It would be in line with the p-...
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