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Does a Dometic RUA8408X fridge need external power when running on gas?

I am replacing a my Dometic RGE410 fridge/freezer after 15 years of reliable service. The replacement I'm lookin at is the Dometic RUA8408X, which is a similar size and supports gas/12V/mains. It will ...
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Alternatives to direct wood fired bathtub

For several years I have lived with a wood fired bathtub. It works well enough except for scorching temps the bottom gets to. The work around is to sit on a board but when you have accidental contact ...
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Drainback system for a cabin on piers

I have a cabin on stilts in Maine where the frost line is 4ft deep. I’m looking to make a system to supply water to the house that I could use in the winter. Seeing as the cabin will not stay above ...
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Off Grid Solar System - 250 amps of Inverter capacity - What load center do I use?

I have four Sol-Ark 15k inverters (Although I'd like to size things so that I have room to add more in the future if needed). Each inverter can supply up to 62.5 amps of continuous power. So 62.5 ...
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Are deep-cycle batteries for off-grid power tolerant of temperature changes? [closed]

I have a small shed that is off-grid and needs occasional lighting. During the day I can open up the doors and have sufficient light, but during the winter when I am out there more in the evening, I ...
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