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MIP threaded pipe in NPSM female threads

I'm installing a freestanding tub faucet. According to the manufacturer's spec sheet the supply lines have 1/2 inch female NPSM threads, which I believe is a straight thread. I'm trying to attach ...
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Why are my fittings leaking?

I am installing a new Hansgrohe shower. It came with this part that I decided to connect to this
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Where is the one-eighth in 1/8-27 NPT?

Where is the "one-eighth" in 1/8-27 NPT? I know it has 27 threads per inch. I see references that 1/8" is the nominal pipe size, does that mean the hole inside the thread is 1/8" ...
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Two reducers in-line from air compressor to air tool?

Previous house owner run PEX pipe in the garage from a 60 gal air-compressor to multiple hose reels. One of them developed a leak and I had to cut through copper pipe to remove it - it was all hard-...
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Installing shower filter - NPT adaptor for larger intake?

I am in the process of installing a shower filter, and am encountering a challenge where shower head and water pipe are not NPT. The shower pipe has a slightly larger female "wrapper" (...
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Can you break a black iron fitting by overtightening?

I recently did some plumbing work in my house which involved using threaded (NPT) black iron fittings in the 1" and 2" sizes. At the outset I was concerned that I could overtighten them and crack the ...
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Which side of an over-tightened brass NPT joint needs to be replaced?

I have a brass nipple screwed into a brass elbow and the joint is leaking. After half a dozen tries at re-wrapping with teflon tape, I decided to see if I could just tighten the problem away. ~150 ...
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