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Why do I measure 12VAC on old thermostat wires?

I'm installing a nest thermostat in my house - it's the UK version with a heatlink. I have successfully wired the heat link into my combi-boiler, disconnecting two existing wires in the process. I ...
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How do I test voltage without a ground/confirm a good circuit?

For context, I recently moved (into a very old home) and I have a series of recessed lights operating on a single switch. All but one light fine... what I assume is the last in the series does not. ...
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Non contact voltage sensor shows voltage a foot away from live wire

I'm evaluating a situation in a home I recently moved into. A previous owner did some DIY and installed a switch in the wall of our kitchen pantry. The pantry is made of wood and the switch is housed ...
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Switch wiring - strange multimeter readings

I'm about to replace a dimmer switch in my house (UK - Single Phase) and every wire in the backbox is red, while I've tested and identified each (live in, live out, neutral in, neutral out, neutral to ...
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Why don't I read voltage on a disconnected heating circuit?

I am trying to replace a broken in-wall electric heater. I wanted to confirm if the heater voltage that I am purchasing is the right one, so I got a multimeter and set it at 200V/500V (AC (V with ...
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Why do I read no voltage with my humidistat's solenoid is installed?

I've been troubleshooting my humidifier for a bit now (just learning this stuff as I go). It would appear the wiring for the furnace (apparently the transformer) meets the wiring for the humidistat ...
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Diagnosing lamp electrical issues: 3-socket floor lamp has resistance for each socket, but no power

I am trying to fix this floor lamp It is a standing floor lamp with 3 bulbs and a rotating switch that has 3 positions: 1 bulb on, 2 bulbs on, 3 bulbs on, or off A couple of weeks ago I saw a spark ...