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How Should we construct compost pit which doesn't produce odour or breeding ground for mosquito or termite

I'd like to construct a compost pit near my house which will collect dried tea bags, fruit & vegetable wastes or unwanted food left overs. I believe over the time , it'll degrade and start ...
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How to stop mosquitos from living in the window curtains and drapes

I'm observing that mosquitoes are living in the window curtains and drapes during daytime like a indoor safe haven and it starts the blood sucking spree when sun sets. I have seen people using the ...
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How to keep standing water our of old cement pond/fountain

We are renting a property that has an empty cement pond/waterfall feature in the front yard. Its about 5 feet wide and a 1.5 feet deep. Removing the pond is not an option. My concern is standing water ...
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How to deal with stagnant water in rain water harvesting pit

I have rain water harvesting pit which is 5 feet in depth. During the June to October it has water for 3 feet. November-January , it has water for 4 feet and rest of the year it has water upto 1 to 1....
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Increase water flow but keep mosquitos out of dry well

I have a dry well to prevent my yard and studio/office from flooding. It has a rim of bricks, which rise above the ground a little to stop too much garden waste entering the well (I guess). I want to ...
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How to prevent stagnant water in Drainage pit from causing diseases

My house has 6 dry wells for collecting waste water from bathroom and kitchen. I'm worried that it could become a breeding ground for Mosquitoes , Bacteria, virus and foul smell. Are there any ...
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How to get rid of mosquitos in swimming pool standing water

We have an above ground pool with about 6 inches of water that does not drain. The drain is located above the bottom, to keep water in it and weigh down the pool during the off season. However, the ...
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Screen door track replacement

I need to replace the twin plastic tracks (see pic below) guiding the tops of two sliding mesh screen doors attached to the back entrance of my house. The tracks are plastic and come in one piece, but ...
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How to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in my swamp cooler?

Today I decided to clean the water-pump filter of my swamp cooler, and there were a couple of larvae swimming in the water reservoir and some mosquitoes flying over it. I am looking for a way to kill ...
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How to seal gaps around door to prevent mosquitoes from entering?

I have gaps above and below the doors of my house, from which mosquitoes enter in huge numbers. I fold newspapers and fit them every day. This takes a lot of time as I have to do it for every door. ...
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How to get rid of mosquitos at my front door?

I don't why but in spring and summer time outside the main door of the house, there are usually 15 to 20 mosquitos just lying around. It is so bad to the point we have to avoid using the main door and ...
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What to do for unused shower drain? (Prevent sewer vapors and mosquito larvae.)

I have a shower stall with a drain that is going unused. My first concern is that if the water evaporates out of the plumbing trap below, I could have sewer vapors coming up, so I pour in some water ...
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Self Adhesive Velcro Tape; Use one large piece or multiple small ones?

I'm trying to apply velcro tape to my windows in order to put a mosquito net on them. So far it's fallen off twice. So I've been thinking. If I were to use multiple small pieces of a few cm each (...
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Is it a good idea to replace a net on a screen door without taking it down?

I need to replace a mosquito net on a sliding screen door. I've watched some videos and bought a kit with spline, slider tool and net. I cannot remove the sliding door from its place. Is it a good ...
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Three Mosquito Lures, Still Tons of Mosquitoes

I have three mosquito lure traps on my property in Arizona. Two Stinger 21,000 sq. ft. lures that lure via Octenol and UV light, kill via electricity. And one Dynatrap 1-acre DT2000XL that lures via ...
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Non-permanent way to cap a clay cleanout pipe

I have a clay cleanout pipe, with bell, in my side yard. There is no type of cover and I want to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside. Does anyone know of a way I can cover it while still allowing ...
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How do I eliminate stagnant water caused by central A/C draining outside?

So I just moved into a new house in NC that I am renting. The house has central A/C which is great, but because there is no basement so there is no basement drain. So the A/C expels the water into the ...
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Fighting mosquitos indoor

I'm living close to the sea, so during the summer I'm bothered and attacked by many mosquitos and was wondering what kinds of repellents have been proven successful to get rid of these little critters....
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How can I have a pond but prevent mosquitos from nesting there?

I would like to have a small waterfall leading into a small pond in my garden. Due to the West Nile virus, it is essential here to prevent mosquitoes from nesting. What can I do to prevent mosquitoes ...
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