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Exterior Antique Mortise Lock Jams - Modify?

Looking for (experienced?) advice on my antique mortise lock. I bought a door with an included mortise lock in SC. The bolt bears the name "Clinton," which I believe to be a late 1800s lock ...
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Sliding Patio door mortise lock not able to take out

I need to replace the mortise lock on my sliding patio door. The process, which includes removing two screws and take out the existing lock, seems to be straight forward. But I am not able to take out ...
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How can I hinge former bifold doors with a half jamb in front of them?

I have a closet with bifold doors. They keep coming off the track so I decided to get rid of the damn thing and separate the two panels and fashion them into swinging doors. There’s one problem that I ...
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Converting mortise lock to cylindrical

I am trying to convert an older style lock to a modern one. Turns out I can just reuse the mortise mechanism but unfortunately it won't support the privacy pin, so I am looking to replace that too. ...
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What type of electronic strike would work in 2" square tubing for a steel gate?

I'm fabricating a 1.5" square steel tube gate mounted on 2" square steel tube posts. The block wall is pre-wired for doorbell and electronic locking mechanism, but I just need to find the ...
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Mortise lock on sliding door installation

My mortise lock on my sliding door fell into the door itself so I have no idea what replacement mortise to get. I bought an e2014 with a 45 degree lock and although I did get it into the door ...
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Can I reset the exterior handle on a Schlage L9000 Mortise Lockset to NOT automatically lock?

I will be installing an August WiFi lock in the deadbolt ABOVE these photos. The lever at the bottom is attached to a Schlage mortise lockset that I have identified as one of the L9000 series (circa ...
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Deepen a hinge mortise without template

I have many doors in my home that we would like to switch to using a different style hinge made by Baldwin. The hinges are the same profile as the current hinges, but, are twice as thick. I know I can ...
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Using a Dutchman to completely fill a mortise lock hole

I came across a This Old House video that demonstrates how to fill a mortise lock with a Dutchman. The video patches one side of the door. I want to patch both sides so I can drill it out and replace ...
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European DIN Specification bathroom lock standard door preperation, has a 60mm offset

I'm not able to find the standard door preparation for a European specification DIN bathroom latch. The kind with a 60mm offset. This one specifically,
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Reconfigure metal door lock system from mortise to individual door knob and deadbolt

I have a metal door with a privacy mortise lock with a thumbturn. I can't drill any new holes outside, we must use the existing hole for the door knob and deadlock. I have to replace the existing ...
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2 answers

Mortise lock conversion from key to privacy?

I just bought a house from the 1920s and all the interior doors are mortise locks with skeleton keys. I would like to change some from key to privacy with a thumbturn. Is there a way to simply ...
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Repair or installation of a mortise lock with deadbolt in an exterior door

A relative got locked out of a rental house (out of state landlord) due to a balky mortise lock in a decorative metal frame outer door. He called a locksmith to get him back in and the locksmith ...
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