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How do you make nice recess in a melamine board for IKEA shelf holders?

Which tool could be used at home to produce a similar result?
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Yellowing of Melamine Window Sill From Amazon Echo

I just found out today that a plastic flower pot has turned my Melamine window sill yellow. There is another window sill where an Amazon Alexa turned it yellow too! Is there anything I can do to get ...
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How to created a hole through chipboard / melamine to look behind a cupboard

There is a cupboard in a bathroom that appears to have some strange smell coming from behind the wall. We've checked the sink to see if its leaking and there is no sign of that, have cleaned through ...
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What laminate to I use for interior of kitchen cabinets?

I have a void left after removing an appliance that is not being replaced. Due to the size I'll be building my own cabinet. To match the interior of the existing cabinets I need a matte white laminate,...
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Most appropriate design for built in wardrobe - Long or short sections

I am going to tackle a set of built in wardrobes for our slightly-less-than standard width alcove. Annoyingly it is about 149cm wide whereas most wardrobes are 150! Silly new-build designers. The ...
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Floor standing U wood frame built at home - what to use for a 90 degree joint?

I'm building a U frame (inverted U). So it will have two side pieces, and one piece sitting at the top of these sides. I plan to use a 3/4" melamine that is 4 inches wide. It is white melamine on ...
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What can I use to form concrete countertops longer than 8 feet?

Building a concrete counter top 4x10 and cannot fine a sheet of melamine 10 feet long anywhere. Anyone know where I could get a piece? I’d rather not joint to eliminate a seam
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Suitable work surface and tolerances for casting concrete countertops

I'm casting 2" thick concrete countertops using ¾" melamine forms/molds. The largest piece is about 26" square and the longest is about 55" x 11". I thought I'd make a large flat work surface for ...
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How to join melamine sheets for a concrete mould?

I'm planning on making an L-shaped concrete kitchen countertop (2100mm x 2500mm) with a single large piece of concrete (Yes, I know, see below!). As the melamine sheets only come in a max size of ...
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Can deterioration of chipboard damaged by steam be arrested?

I have a built-in dishwasher, just below a kitchen worksurface made of Melamine Faced Chipboard. Steam released when opening the dishwasher at the end of a cycle has started to cause the chipboard ...
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How do I fix small chips and scratches in a melamine table top?

Below is what I am talking about. How do I fix these ?
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