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House davit? Do they exist?

On boats there is a often a boom with a winch called a "davit". It is essentially a sort of crane that allows things to be loaded on and off the boat. Houses do not seem to normally have davits, even ...
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Desk stress with grommet holes

I'm looking to make a desk for myself. For the surface, I'm planning on using an oak kitchen surface (either 30mm or 40mm thick) and I'll have 4 60mm holes cut to support desk grommets for cables, ...
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What materials can be used for moving shower walls?

I am currently thinking about a good shower solution for a very small, very old flat. As it is so small and in the top floor (hence: problems with the pitch of the roof, like on this image) I cannot ...
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What is a good plastic to use for lite milling?

I want to do some lite milling with a drill press and XY vice using plastic. I am looking for a cheap easy to machine plastic. I have dealt with these guys for aluminum, but not plastics. I don't know ...
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Help identifying the method of construction my house uses

Walls are approximately 13.75” thick. Listed as stone and stucco. I saw what looks like water damage in a corner and the, what I’m assuming is plaster, had been damaged. I cut the paint to expose ...
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What can I safely burn isopropyl gel fuel in?

I would like to decant isopropyl gel fuel (i.e. Terraflame) into a safe container to burn in my fireplace. In other words, I would like to create a fire bowl essentially in my indoor fireplace. What ...
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Material choice for a rigid spacer between a stem wall, floating floor and plaster stop?

By design, I have a ~1-1/2" vertical and horizontal gap between the floating hardwood floor I installed and the metal plaster stop at the base of the interior walls, as shown below: . As shown ...
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Can you provide me with advice for choosing appropriate materials for rebuilding the roof over my dug well?

My water supply is an 18' dug well with 24" inside diameter. The top of the well casing is below grade and within a 4' x 8' block foundation, about 3'6" deep. The well, pump and pressure ...
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Making a custom bathtub, using fibreglass and a suitable high-strength smooth coating

The problem I'd like to fit a custom quite sizeable (2000 x 1100 x 550 ish) bathtub. The room won't take anything except custom, which is either horribly expensive or self-made, so I'm looking ...
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What is this metal material?

I’m running some networking cable from my attic to my basement (only going through one main level). The best place to run the cabling takes me through an old covered up door (closet) frame on the way ...
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Building square tapered porch columns that won't rot

I have 4 columns originally built with 7 ply plywood and some are starting to rot. I've rebuilt one with cedar but am looking for a material that will last even longer without breaking the bank. The ...
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Can anyone identify this material? Having a hard time cutting it using a bi-metal hole saw

My FIL gave it to me, said he found it in when he was cleanig out an old cabinet shop. It's a very hard composite material of some sort. Fine-grained and powdery when I drilled a hole in it, the "...
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What is the best material for the pivot in a pivoting base?

I will have a pivoting base with 3 fixed casters and a pivot in place of the fourth. I'm having trouble trying to come up with a easy to setup and no maintenance pivot. The weight requirements are not ...
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Identify this roofing material

Is this torchdown? Modified bitumen? Or something else?
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Permanent greenhouse structure materials

I'm planning a permanent greenhouse structure that will be attached on one wall to my house. The estimated size will be about 16ft wide, 45ft long, with the lowest wall being approximately 9ft tall ...
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How Do I Tell What My Wall's Infill Is?

I live in a house that I can hang pictures on the interior walls, but if I try and put a nail in an outer wall, I can't. I assume that means my walls use some type of infill. In order to hang ...
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Using 1" black iron pipe as a hydronic radiator, how many feet of pipe would I need to heat a 500ft^3 room?

I guess industrial is hip these days. Or maybe it's just me. But I'm thinking of making a snaking heater/towel warmer for my bathroom remodel. How many feet would I need, and how is this calculated? ...
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Are Gemini Harmonie tiles and Gemini Ceramic Pool tiles safe to use for an outdoor mosaic?

Are Gemini Harmonie tiles and Gemini Ceramic Pool tiles safe to use for an outdoor mosaic? I can't find much information about them online.
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Is screw/nut zinc vs zinc plating as advertise or a manufacturer shorthand?

I bought a set of machine screws and nuts which say "zinc" on the product. I also bought a box of locknuts from a different manufacturer which says "zinc plated" on it. Is the box ...
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How to avoid mouldy properties?

I've been wondering if there is any way to recognise materials/home designs which may mean the growth of mould in a house? For normal properties, simply opening the window during a shower prevents ...
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Where can I buy home improvement materials and supplies in my community?

I'm new to Home Improvement. I've been planning to start (slowly) finishing my basement myself. The first thing I need to do is tear down the existing ruined insulation and replace it. I'm trying to ...
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