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11 answers

Which material should I use for a whiteboard that would erase easily?

I saw some DIY tutorials recommending to use tileboard to make a cheap whiteboard. I had a piece lying around, and tried some dry-erase markers on it. Turns out they don't erase well at all when ...
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How can I tell whether this roofing material is hazardous to tear down?

I've got this little building in my garden that needs to be completely removed to make room for building a real house. To keep costs down, I'll be doing most of the tear-down myself but I'm unsure ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Is it OK for OSB3 boards to get wet during construction?

In the UK it rains, as you know. a lot. Is it OK for OSB3 boarding to get wet now and then during the construction of a building? or will it be completely destroyed like chip board or MDF (which ...
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17 votes
10 answers

What is better for a roof, plywood or OSB?

While watching the builders next door do their thing, I became curious with their technique to install plywood on edges neighboring the next townhouse, and OSB for the rest (which for these narrow ...
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7 answers

What should I use for a sandbox bottom?

I'm building a sandbox for my three-year old. It will probably sit on the deck, so it needs some kind of bottom. Ideally, we should be able to move the sandbox around the deck. Is it necessary for ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Is acrylic / Perspex a suitable material for a replacement fridge shelf?

My fridge shelves cracked and broke, and although I tried a repair mentioned in a previous question, it eventually failed as expected. Since it seems that replacement shelves are no longer sold for ...
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1 answer

Is this old basement floor concrete, grout, or something else?

What is the likely construction/material of the basement floor shown below? It's not very flat, and the surface appears sandy. It's almost as if some kind of skim-coat was applied to the dirt floor. ...
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6 answers

How can I jack a steel post out of the ground?

Following on from this and this question I've got to the point where I am trying to "jack" a pole out of the ground. I had a spare 3/4" bolt that I thought would be strong enough but unfortunately it ...
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What is the junction that connects conduit to a structure called?

Drawing plans and writing a BOM and looking for what that part is called. I brought pictures! I don't know the proper term for that part.
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Where can I buy Perspex sheets?

I've been working on a lighting project that requires some light diffusers and after searching around I keep seeing people recommend something called Perspex. My only problem is that I can't seem to ...
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Assemble lead sheet to be tight, but able to be disassembled

I want to make an acoustic barrier which include about 6-8 square feet of 1/4" lead. Normally when making such a barrier, it is desirable to solder it together so that there is a tight fit between the ...
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